10 Easy Tricks You Can Use To Take Really Good Pictures With Any Phone Camera

10 Easy Tricks You Can Use To Take Really Good Pictures With Any Phone Camera

Ever wondered why you can’t take amazing pictures even when you have a quality or at least a good camera with you.

I have put together this article to show you some of the tricks and techniques most photographers use to take those amazing pictures they do and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two that will improve the quality of the pictures you take.

01. Clean Lens –

Imagine having something in your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly right? it’s the same with cameras, especially when it comes to the phone camera. We carry it around everytime, drop it and so on and in the process we may scratch or let dirt on it. This is very vital if you really want to take any picture at all so you need to take care and protect you lenses. In case it’s already scratched or dirty, i suggest you change it as soon as possible because this is one of the things that can make or break your picture.

02. Balance –

If you see a picture with good balance and a picture without, you would instantly be able to tell the difference. Pictures are really an illusion for the eyes and the eye loves things with balance especially when it’s a straight line. This is why most photographers use a stand to hold up their cameras but to get this if you are using a mobile phone, make sure to use your two hands when taking pictures or use one hand and your volume up or down button to take the shot and try to stay as still as possible.

03. Trust Your Eyes –

This is an amazing technique, always trust your eyes. When you see something you love don’t hesitate, take out your phone and take the shot. 8 out of 10 times whatever you see and like with your eyes always looks amazing in pictures.

04. Rule Of Odds –

There is a saying that taking a picture of 3 things together always looks better than 2 or 1 and this is absolutely true. You won’t really accept this until you take a picture for yourself and see, i would say basically though that taking a picture of odd number of things makes a better picture than an even number.

05. Close Up –

When you want to take a picture of something or someone in particular, it really improves the quality of the shot when you get close to the subject and take the shot (not zoom in). That way the background would be blurred out and it will give that picture a really really professional and clean look.

06. Turn On Your Gridlines –

This really helps for finding balance in your pictures. One essential trick is to not allow whatever you want to shoot be in the centre of your picture, it just makes it normal and straight forward. What you should do is make the subject be at the points where the lines meet on the left or on the right side, this way the picture gets interesting because you are taking the attention of the viewer from the centre. Try this and you’ll see how your pictures would drastically change in terms of the visual appeal.

07. Frame In A Frame –

This is basically an illusion for the eyes. When you take a picture of something in a frame, the eyes would see the picture as 2 boxes, a big one which is the picture itself and a smaller one which is where the subject is. It’ll be really interesting when you try this because when it comes to art and photography, there is nothing like limitations but endless possibilities.

08. Lighting / Exposure –

This is really important. When you want to take a picture, make sure the camera isn’t facing the light source but instead the opposite way even if it is the sun. Shadows are really what makes things look solid and real so when you take a picture with the camera on the opposite direction of the light source, the camera would really show you how the light bounces off on the subject and gives you a really clear and professional picture.

09. Location –

This is as important as every other thing on this list. Try to get a good location to take your pictures, this would really improve the quality and look but if you can’t get this, use trick number 5 above that’ll solve the problem too.

10. Post Process –

Of course, you should try to edit the pictures but if you use all the tricks listed above correctly, post processing would be an option not a neccesity. You can totally edit the pictures with your phone, there are a lot of free editing apps on your online mobile store and some paid ones too like Adobe photoshop, Adobe lightroom, these are totally free to use and there is also “VSCO” which is free but you can pay to upgrade for better features.


I hope this was helpful to you.

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