10 Mistakes you Should Avoid On Your First Solo Trip

Your First Solo Trip

Is it your first solo traveling experience? The excitement must be escalating. You will become more self-assured, confident, and self-reliant. It allows you to learn to be happy in your own company. It helps you make time to meditate and enjoy beautiful moments without any interruption.

We don’t want to break your bubble but let’s face it. Traveling alone has some challenges. Even if you are completely confident and self-dependent, you still need to consider some important things while you are traveling alone. However, you should have the best laptop adapter for long battery life.

When I went traveling alone for the first time back in 2016, I watched helpful documentaries on a travel channel on one of my Spectrum packages. I was enlightened and all those things helped me remain safe and secure during my trip. Not to mention, I totally enjoyed the whole trip. Let’s make you more trip-savvy!

First Solo Trip? Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes

  1. Not Asking for Help.
  2. Being Unprepared.
  3. Too Much Baggage.
  4. Making Rigid Plans.
  5. Avoiding Locals.
  6. Running Out of Money.
  7. Fighting Your Spontaneity.
  8. Compromising on Security.
  9. Overscheduling.
  10. Not Having a Backup Plan.

Not Asking for Help

All avid travelers will suggest you not be reluctant when it comes to asking for help. While traveling alone, many things can happen. You may lose your money or have a slight injury. Without any fellow travelers, it is hard to work everything out on your own. Don’t hesitate to ask a local or another tourist to help you in your time of desperation.

Seasoned travelers say that whenever they have asked for help, people have turned out to be more gracious and empathetic than they expected.

Being Unprepared

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of packing wisely. It is significant, irrespective of the duration of your trip. And especially when you are traveling alone. Don’t go ill-equipped on a solo trip.

  • Consider carrying a first-aid kit essentially.
  • It should contain painkillers, anti-inflammatories, disinfectants, and bandages.
  • Keep travel documents safe.
  • Keep a backup of your travel docs as scanned copies.

Too Much Baggage

Packing too much baggage is a big no-no! Not only it is a hassle and makes your mobility difficult, but also it will cost you a lot with escalated baggage fees. While practicing a solo trip, you will have to move about unassisted. This involves opening doors, squeezing through narrow and crowded spaces, and so on. You don’t want to make it overwhelming for yourself with excess baggage.

Travel lightly, as much as you can.

Making Rigid Plans

It is good to have a pre-planned course of action. It saves energy and time. However, traveling solo for the first time can be quite intimidating. And you should be flexible to alter your schedule a little if needed.

Avoiding Locals

Since it’s your first experience, it is only natural to feel a little uncomfortable interacting with locals. Especially if you are not good at socializing. It is difficult to tell the difference between friendly locals and crooks. But don’t mistrust and ignore everyone you are meeting. You can make your trip a lot more enjoyable if you find good company. They will help you explore, as they know the place better.

Running Out of Money

Don’t run out of money in the middle of a solo trip. You must have an estimated budget for your trip. But make sure you carry extra money in case some things exceed your estimate.

Fighting Your Spontaneity

Do you know the biggest advantage of solo traveling? You can indulge in all sorts of experiences and change plans multiple times. These are not practical when you are traveling with other people. When alone, you don’t have to resist what you really want to do. Be spontaneous and experience whatever you want!

Compromising on Security

If you compare, traveling in a group is definitely safer. When traveling alone, be prepared to deal with various challenges and unexpected situations. Listen to your instinct when you are dealing with such things. Also, keep a check on your alcohol consumption. You don’t want to wake up in a ditch to discover that you were mugged after you overdrank.


Solo traveling can be both, thrilling and fatiguing. You have to take care of everything yourself. Many travelers overschedule their days in an attempt to see as many places as they can. Plan in moderation. You don’t want to exhaust yourself and suck away all the fun. Overscheduling can be the biggest trip killer.

Not Having a Backup Plan

It is very important to have a backup plan intact in case something goes wrong. Stay in touch with a trusted contact on social media or internet-based apps like WhatsApp and keep them updated about your safety. You should carry your laptop with the best AC Adapter for use anywhere at any time.

My major concern is not having credit on my phone – besides termination of my Spectrum TV Choice package. So I keep it topped up. You never know when you need to use it in an emergency. Well, we don’t want to scare you off. But do not ignore your security at any cost.

Happy traveling!

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