10 Smart Phone Life Hacks That Works Very Effectively

10 Smart Phone Life Hacks That Works Very Effectively

Regular phones stopped being smart years ago. But to day you can do virtually anything with a smartphone and there are also great hacks we bet you didn’t know about. Today am gonna be listed out few of them for you.

10). Avoid Using Your Phone While Its Charging.

These short charging cables aren’t there to annoy you. No but instead they’re meant to discourage you from using your phone while its charging because its not good for the battery’s life.

9). Disable The “auto-rotate”Option

You should keep the screen -rotate function disabled and only use it when necessary. Leaving it turned on uses a special sensor called accelerometer which drains a lot of your battery charge.

8). Switch Your Phone To “Airplane Mode”To Charge It Faster.

Switching your phone to “Airplane mode” prevents it from searching for signal which makes it charge a lot faster. Even though smartphones nowadays are faster in charging its still a great and super effective hack for an even quicker way to charge.

7). Press And Hold The Shutter Button To Take Continous shots.

The feature called”continous shot” allows you to capture up to 20 shots per second, depending on the phone. Not many people are aware of this, but all you have to do is press and hold the shutter button and watch the magic happen.

6).How To Improve Audio While Recording A Video

You can improve the audio quality of your videos by covering your microphone. The reason for this amazing trick is that as you are covering the microphone it muffles background noise which let’s you hear the main audio streams better. Just use a finger to cover the microphone while taking your videos.

5).A Black Wallpaper Saves Your Battery

phone brightness is one of the many ways to drain your smartphones battery reduce this, simply download a dark wallpaper

4).How To Properly Clean Your Phone Screen

Studies have shown that your phone has more bacteria than your toilet seat.a lot of dirty surfaces and hands touch your phone on a daily basis.thankfully all you need to clean it is a mix of 80% water and 20% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol for example)to get it clean.put it in a spray bottle,spritz it, and wipe it down.

3).Amplify Your Morning Alarm

If you are scared that you will sleep through your alarm because it isn’t loud enough,just put your phone in a cup or a mug.that way the sound of the alarm will be even louder.

2). Restart Your Phone At Least 3 Times A Week

Your phone shouldn’t be running at max capacity all the order for it to run smoothly restart it at least 3 Times a week.this way your apps will reset and your smartphones will get a break.

1). You Can Use The Volume keys As A Shutter Button

Trying to take pictures with one hand using the default shutter button could prove to be hard , especially if your phone is could make the picture you took look a little shaken or in worse cases, you might even drop the phone so,if you want to take one handed pictures,this is the way to go.

I hope that this article will help you a lot and please if there is any other smart phone trick or hack you know kindly pls go to the comment box to drop your suggestion and comment thank you.

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