10 Solutions To Common Phone Problems

10 Solutions To Common Phone Problems

There are certain phone issues you can fix alone without taking it to a phone repairer to fix. I have listed out phone problems and possible solutions. Reading this article diligently and patiently will save you a lot of money. Yes! At the end of your reading, you will be enlighten on how to fix your phone when it has a minor problem. Below are possible solutions to common phone problems.

(1) Issues to Connect to WiFi : Try to restart your devise or the router by unplugging it and plugging it again. If it still not responds you may go to settings to reestablish your network. It will restore the Wi-Fi network and the password with the VPN and APN of your cell phone. Just in case the problem continues, remember that you can restore to the factory configuration by eliminating all the content. Before doing this make sure of have made a backup of all the important files that you have on your phone because everything will be erased once you restore your device.

(2) If phone fails to power on: (a) Check on/off switch (b) Check battery voltage (c) Check if it can charge (d) To cross connection, use computer software to flash it.

(3) Keypad problem: (a) Clean the keypad interface on the circuit board (b) Check if there is continuity on the interface. (c) Replace key with another working one of the same make and model.

(4) Phone not charging: (a) Confirm that the charger is working by reading the output voltage with meter. (b) Check the charging port tag to see if to has removed from the port, add a little soldering lead to clear the problem. (c) Check the fuse able resistor and replace it broken.

(5) If phone drops into water: (a) Quickly remove cell phone battery (b) dismantle the phone and allow it to dry (c) Use methylated spirit to clean the power contact (d) Use hot air blower or excellent alternative to dry the main board.

(6) Slow Phone/freezing frequently: The reasons likely are, less free storage, excessive use of apps or sometimes due to virus infection.

The Solution: Clean your cell phone and close/delete apps, files and clear the cache data. If you recently installed an app and your phone is not working well, you should uninstall it and see if your mobile phone runs faster. If this does not help you, you can also try saving important information on Google Drive, Dropbox or just on your computer. Then, you can restore your cell phone to factory data.

(7) Charging port problem: Frequent charging of your handset spoils the port as well as the charger’s wire. It is best that when you keep your phone for charging, charge it fully till the full charge message is displayed. You do not need frequent charging.

(8)Overheating Phone: An overheating phone is sometimes related to problems with your phone battery. But, it can also be related to your charger and also with the place you normally have your phone. If you are experiencing this, you should solve it soon because your battery and your phone screen can be seriously damaged. You should try to dim the screen brightness and turn off the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth if you are not using them. You can also enable the Battery Saving Mode and see if your battery lasts longer. Additionally, you should check your Battery Usage in your phone Settings and see which apps are using more battery. You can close or disable the ones that are draining more battery if you usually do not need them. If it keeps overheating, try to carry your phone in a fresh place and keep it away from the sun’s heat. You can also give your phone some minutes to “refresh” and start using it again.

(9) Phone not detecting SIMs: (a) Remove the SIMS and clean the surface with a very clean cotton wool. (b) Confirm if the SIMS is properly inserted. (c) If not working, remove the SIMS and put it into another working phone. If it works then your phone is bad.


(10) The screen is not bright enough: To solve this problem you can go to General Settings, then to accessibility and after that click on Screen Adaptations. You will see an option to reduce the white point at the button so you can adapt the intensity of the colors until you consider is good for you.

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