12 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car

This is a list of things you should never do to your car, if you want it to last longer.

1. Do not turn off the engine while still moving

If you happen to do it while driving with reasonable high speed, nothing bad will happen. Modern cars have many safety features to prevent these sorts of things. Anyhow, just don’t do it.

2. Don’t switch to reverse while still moving forward

if you continually keep doing this, it will wear out your gearbox, and you will have to get a new one.

3. Don’t select park while still driving

Your car will block this command for safety reason, but giving conflicting orders may eventually damage your car.

4. Don’t attach too many keys to the ignition key

Too many keys can be quite heavy and the weight could potentially damage your ignition switch over time.

5. Always check your wheels alignment

Always take your car to a workshop and ask the mechanics to check the balance and alignment. If the wheels are out of balance, then you won’t have good control of your car. Better to be safe than sorry.


6. Always check your tires

Don’t always wait for your tires to be flat, always check their pressure regularly.

7. Do not ignore warning signs shown on your vehicle

8. Do not always wait for your vehicle to be on empty before you do a refill

Even the cleanest petrol has some small particles of dirt in it and gravity keeps it at the bottom of your petrol tank. If you drive “on fumes” this residue gets sucked into the engine. Generally speaking, it’s a good practice to fill up the car when it gets to about one-quarter of the tank.

9. Don’t go drifting with your car

Unless it’s a race car never use it for stunt, as this may damage the wheels, and also knock the engine.

10. Don’t over inflate your tires

Over inflating your tires will give you a rough driving experience, and might even cause the tires to burst which may lead to a fatal accident.

11. Don’t rev your car engine.

You should never rev your car’s engine to warm it up. It doesn’t work. Plus, it can damage your car because the oil hasn’t had a chance to work its way through the engine.

12. Do not forget to always wash your car.

This is the most important as we don’t like to look dirty we should always learn to wash our car or take it to the car wash.

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