14 Interesting Things You Can Do on Computer When Bored

If you have a computer, you can spend your time doing hundreds of interesting and exciting things that will kill boredom. This article provides 14 suggestions, which should be more than enough to find something fun to do on a computer.


#1. Play Games


Playing games on your computer can be the best way to cheer up. And if you are an avid gamer, you must know a few interesting games as well as the gaming platforms. Keeping in mind your system specifications, you can download free online games from various websites.


#2. Watch Movies


Some websites may charge you for delivering high-quality content, but sites like Vimeo, Folkstreams, and MetaCafe can give you free access to good print videos.

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu offer a plethora of options as well, so be sure to check those out.


#3. Surf the Net


The internet is a great place to learn something new or explore informative content on your favorite topic. You can enhance your knowledge and skills while browsing the internet when you have nothing to do, particularly on weekends. A useful search can help you invest your time in something productive.


#4. Install Chromecast


This can be useful if you want to send videos or images to your TV from your Mac computer. To do this, you need to install chromecast on mac by connecting the Google Chromecast to the HDMI socket available on the back panel of your TV. Do it carefully and refer to the manufacturer’s manual for instructions.


#5. Listen to Music


Listen to one of your favorite music tracks online without downloading it on your computer. If singing is your hobby, you can note down the lyrics of any song and start learning it. Attach BlueTooth speakers or wear a pair of high-quality earphones to enjoy the music without bothering the people around.


#6. Clean Your Laptop


Let’s spend time doing something that can help improve our performance at work. Yes, we are talking about cleaning the laptop or the desktop. There’s a lot of clutter that accumulates on the hard drive and makes it sluggish. So, if you have enough time and want to spend it effectively, delete all those files and apps that might be consuming a lot of storage doing nothing.


#7. Learn Computer Shortcuts


Sounds interesting, right? There are thousands of keyboard shortcuts and key combinations that we are not familiar with even if we have been using our computers for years. Learning keyboard shortcuts for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, etc., will make you productive and improve your efficiency manifolds.


#8. Listen to Podcast


Use Spotify or Apple Music to find the podcast on your favorite topic and learn new things that you might not know. Browser websites like The American Life, The Read, or Savage Lovecast to search for popular podcasts. The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while on the go on any smart device.


#9. Join an Online Course


If you are planning to join a short-term course on a trendy topic such as Python or Digital Marketing, it’s time to do it. Search for the best online learning institute that provides that course within your budget; go for it. Do not forget to check the contents of the course before joining it to ensure the best fit.


#10. Try Google Earth


This could be the best option if you love exploring new locations, beaches, islands, or landmarks. Pick a popular destination and then take a virtual tour on Google Earth without spending anything. For example, search for “serpent d’ocean” to see the giant aluminum metal sea serpent skeleton that you might not have seen before.


#11. Turn Screen Upside Down


Learning shortcuts is important because you can do some funny things on your computer. To try turning your screen upside down, press and hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow keys and wait for the magic to happen. To bring the screen back to normal, press Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow keys.


#12. Read Wikipedia


Expanding knowledge

by learning new things is time well spent. Wikipedia is an institution where you can find interesting information on any topic. Whether you want to explore something related to travel, hospitality, world geography, history, politics, or technology, you can find it on Wikipedia.


#13. Read an Online Magazine


A lot of online publications give you access to industry updates. Based on your interest, you can explore various online magazines for business, travel, or technology updates. You can even sign up and subscribe to these publications to get the latest industry updates right into your mailbox. If you wish, you can unsubscribe later.


#14. Shop Online


If you are in the mood to buy something for the weekend party, utilize your free time in searching for attractive apparel. You might be having the dress code, so keep that in mind the color or the theme while shopping online. If you find a dress, compare the prices and material to make an informed buying decision.

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