16 Mistakes We Make in Living Room Design

16 Mistakes We Make in Living Room Design

When we renovate, we focus on our own emotions without knowing the basics of design. Therefore, the result does not always live up to our expectations.

Here are the most common mistakes that go through in the design of the living rooms. Read to the end, because there is one important thing you should never do.

16. There is only top lighting in your living room

Lighting creates an atmosphere. This should take your mood into account so that the living room can not just make a chandelier in the middle of the room. Create your own lighting system (reading, wall and floor lamps, ceiling lighting, etc.).

15. Absence or incorrect size of a rug

Small rugs bring imbalance into a room, so choose the right rugs for your living room. A large rug visually enlarges the room and gives the interior a finished look.

14. The misplaced TV

The best place for a TV is an empty wall. Do not install the TV in front of or near a window, as this will damage your vision and prevent you from seeing the picture clearly. The distance between the TV and the sofa depends on the screen size: the distance should be equal to 3-5 diagonals. Consider this when buying a new TV.

13. You underestimate the power of pillows

Sofa cushions create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Consider whether your material and structure match the fabric that your sofa and armchairs are covered with. If the furniture in the living room is made of velvet or velvet, say no to cotton or linen fabrics. Choose smaller furniture for smaller furniture. A solid sofa allows for several large pillows.

12. Your sofa is up against the wall

This rule applies to large spaces. If you have the option of placing the bench away from the wall, do so. You enlarge the room visually and comfortably. A sofa that stands by the wall when there is extra space feels more like a dance studio than a living room.

11. Dark furniture with low ceilings

If you buy dark furniture for a room with a low ceiling, you will make it look sharper and cramped. Choose compact sofas and chairs and nice tables on the legs. Make choices that favor neutral shades of light.

10. Choose furniture by design, not by your personal preferences

Just because the furniture looks beautiful, does not mean that it fits your home. Make it comfortable for you – give it a try. Sit in an armchair or sit at a table you liked. Otherwise, you rarely use these things and will have to separate them.

9. Furniture that is no longer relevant

Furniture fashion exists. Extensive furniture with bulky backs and armrests has long gone out of fashion. Note objects with straight lines and sharp silhouettes. You can choose a traditional sofa, but choose an unexpected and modern color.

8. Poorly placed photos

Perfect height = 153 cm from floor level to the center of the image. If you have too many photos, a hanging gallery instead of photo frames in each corner would be a good solution.

7. Large furniture

The most common mistake is when people fill a room with furniture that does not fit the size, especially when it comes to sofas – it makes the room look much smaller. If you have a large lounge, you can afford a spacious sofa. For smaller lounges, a two-seater sofa and an armchair are preferred.

6. You neglect the function in the living room

If you have a rectangular space, you can straighten the shape with a cabinet or stand – a square is more advantageous and there is easier balance there.

Here are some zoning ideas:

Living room and bedroom – a bedroom will always be closer to a window because the sleeping area inherently needs to be further away from the entrance.

Living room and kitchen – you can arrange zones as you wish, but it is preferred that the kitchen is closer to the window to cook comfortably with lots of light.

Living room and dining room – these are two complete units that should have enough space and be placed in a room.

Living room and home office – the office can take a small corner. The most important thing is to add another light source.

5. The center of the room is not stressed

A living room requires a light accent. It can be a fireplace, art, mirror, wallpaper – anything that attracts attention. You can also make the rest area a hub and highlight it with contrasting colors, prints or to mix complex colors.

4. Plants in small pots

It is better to put a large plant in a pot than many small ones on the windowsill. So your room will look bigger and healthier.

3. Old-fashioned upholstery

When replaced, the upholstery can transform an entire room and make your design stylish and modern. You can also change the image of your living room according to the mood and seasons.

2. Follow only one style

If you prefer a certain interior style and do not let any deviations occur, your room loses heat and becomes very banal. Mix your favorite style with others: eclectic, retro, ceiling, grunge and many other design options make your living room original. You will never leave it!

1. Your curtains visually reduce the space


Such insignificant trifles as curtains that are hung incorrectly can make your room visually smaller. It is important to hang curtains as high and as wide as possible to make your ceilings higher and your living room look bigger. Choose a lighter and more saturated curtain color than the rest of the textiles in the room.

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