4 Activity Books Together Advance First Graders’ Skills

One of the most important milestones in a child’s life is when they are ready to move from kindergarten to first grade. This transition can be difficult for some children, but with the help of some activity books which work together as an instructional set, your child will have everything they need to make this transition easily. These 4 activity books each offer something different that will challenge your child and ensure that their skills are well-rounded. The activities vary in difficulty level so there is something for every skill level!

The activities are designed for children who have been exposed to common core standards in their kindergarten classes. These books provide a challenging but fun way for the child to learn new things while playing games with friends or family members. It also introduces them to subjects they may not have been exposed to yet such as weather and space exploration. The four books that will be discussed include “Science Experiments”, “Math Play,” “Fun with Words,” and “First Grade Reading”.

Science Experiments for Kids:

This book is a great way to get your child excited about science. It includes fun experiments that will teach them about the world around them. Some of the topics covered include electricity, weather, plants, and animals. This book is perfect for kids who are interested in science, but might not know where to start. It allows them to explore different areas of science and teaches them about the world around us. The book also includes a variety of experiments that are designed for children, making it easy for kids to complete on their own. The experiments included in this book allow your child to learn while they have fun at the same time.

Math Play: A First Grade Math Activity Book

This book is a great way to build math skills at home. It includes a wide variety of activities that focus on different areas of first-grade math so your child will master the basics as well as more advanced concepts. Some of the topics covered include place value, addition, and subtraction, time, fractions, money, measurement, shapes, patterns, fractions, and decimals.

Fun with Words: A First Grade Word Building Activity Book

Phonics skills are essential for reading development, and this activity book is designed to help your child build those skills. The book includes a variety of activities that focus on different areas of word building, such as word families, plurals, contractions, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, and homophones. These activities will help your child master the basics as well as more advanced concepts.

At the end of each activity, you and your child will find a set of review word cards so your child can practice his/her new skills even after completing the activity book! There’s also a colorful poster for you to use as reference throughout this book. You and your child can add your own words to the poster, too.
An example of one of the pages in the samiksha Activity Book. samiksha is a child’s name, and samiksha meaning is “REVIEW”. The activity book helps children with phonetic skills to be better readers.

This word-building activity book is perfect for first-grade students. The book is organized into different sections, starting with word families. Each section includes activities that will help your child understand the concepts involved.

First Grade Reading: A Comprehensive Activity Book

Your First-Grade child will improve their reading comprehension as they work through word puzzles, fill in the blank’s stories, and more. Reading “Street” is an activity that helps children learn about the main idea and details as well as cause and effect relationships between sentences. In addition, drawing conclusions from picture clues build critical thinking skills.

First-grade reading comprehension activities include:

  • word puzzles with a focus on the meaning of words
    fill in the blank’s stories
  • reading “Street” main idea and details, cause and effect, sequencing, drawing conclusions from picture clues, and critical thinking
  • fill in the blank’s stories covering different genres
  • illustrated reading passages to help children establish a strong foundation of sight words
  • basic reading comprehension including the basics of the main idea and details as well as critical thinking
  • All four of these activity books work together to help first graders transition easily into their new grade. They will develop skills in science, math, reading, and phonetics that will carry them through the rest of their education.
  • basic reading work that includes phonics recognition, progressing to word work



There are a number of ways to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their educational experience. Activity books offer children opportunities to explore different subjects outside of formal curricula designed specifically for them, allowing them to try new things while still practicing what they’ve learned during school hours. In addition to advancing your first grader’s skills early on through science experiments, math problems and word games, and Reading. Stocktwits amc Science Experiments for Kids is a hands-on way of teaching STEM concepts, Math Play offers activities to increase math fluency and Fun with Words helps children learn vocabulary in an interactive way that fosters creativity. First Grade Reading contains games, quizzes, puzzles and more that are fun while also preparing kids for the next grade level.

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