4 Apple products that you can buy if you have an Android mobile

It is well known that the Apple ecosystem it is intended to be used with your own products. Most of the products that Apple sold are for use with other major hardware products. Not all meet this requirement, as there are devices that you can use having a device Android personal mobile. Today we are going to tell you what 4 Apple products you can buy if you have an Android mobile. Some of you may already imagine them, but others may have passed you by.

Of course, you can buy AirPods having an Android

It is probably the one of the most popular Apple products around the world. The company’s wireless headphones can be used with Android devices without much trouble. It is true that all their potential is used with an Apple mobile, tablet or computer, but there is not too much problem when using them with Android mobiles.

You will not be able to take advantage of its instant connection or any of the touch functions of the headphones themselves, but you can listen to music. You can buy any Apple wireless headset and use it on your Android mobile: AirPods, AirPods Pro o AirPods Max.

EarPods are an inexpensive option that you can use on Android

Have you always tried Apple headphones that you found comfortable? If you don’t have the budget for some AirPods you can always go for the wired option. The EarPods They have a very similar design to AirPods and are much cheaper. Of course, they are also much more basic.

If you like this design, your ear already looks good for 19 euros / dollars you can buy some. Its sound quality and build quality is quite good and you will get, more or less, the same sound quality as with headphones of the same price from other brands. Of course, remember to buy the option with cable jack 3.5 mm.

HomePod and HomePod Mini, a half compatibility with Android

Really these two apple smart speakers they are not compatible with Android. Yes, they can connect, but you can’t start their setup without an Apple product. Of course, the quality of these speakers can make you opt for them. If you have an iPad or Mac at home, you can log in with an Apple ID and set up this speaker for the first time.

Once it is configured you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker and also ask Siri any questions you have. Not the best option if you have a Android mobile, but if you like this Apple hardware you should know that it is not incompatible with an Android life.

Apple TV is standalone and you don’t need an iPhone

If you have a television that is not smart you can contemplate the idea of ​​buying a Apple TV. It is a product that works independently and is perfectly compatible with your Android mobile. You can use it without problem on your televisionAlthough you will lose some functions of sending content from iPhone.

It’s one of the cheaper apple products and it will allow you to have a smart TV with the Apple ecosystem inside. Yes, we know that there are better options in other brands, but this article is not about the best options, but about which Apple devices you can use without problem when you personal mobile is an Android.

Browsing the Apple website we have not found products from the company itself that are worthwhile or are compatible with a daily ecosystem on Android. He Apple Watch It could work with an Android mobile, but it doesn’t make any sense to buy it if you don’t have an iPhone.

These are the 4 Apple products that you can buy and use if you have an Android mobile as your main everyday device.

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