5 Best MMORPG for Android Smartphones and Tablets

5 Villagers and heroes scaled
5 Villagers and heroes scaled

The gaming industry is booming day by day and the Google Play Store witnesses new game releases every day. MMORPG is a genre of game that features exploration of the open world, customization of characters and interaction. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and involves you and other players from all over the world. This game genre has many loyal followers and it’s a game that has an unending nature. Check out the best MMORPG games for Android by reading on…

Best MMORPG Games for Android

  1. Adventure Quest 3D

1 Adventure 3d 1
Adventure Quest 3D is an MMORPG that is gaining ground in the Google Play markets and among users. You will find in it what most MMORPGs have. In the game you have the challenge of raiding dungeons, quest a whole bunch and do many more things. The game has features that support cross-platform gaming. So you can play AdventureQuest 3D on mobile devices with other players. Multi-classing of characters is also possible and you can chat, have social interactions, and more. Just like you’ll find in most of the MMORPGs, this one too has bugs but not so serious like others.


2. RuneScape Mobile

2 RuneScape scaled

The regular version of RuneScape is on Android and if you don’t like the Old School RuneScape, you can switch to this one. Many people may not like the old school visuals so this is a perfect alternative. The game is a great MMORPG and is fun to play. There have however been complaints on the part of users because of the micro-transactions in the app but it is still worth playing after all. In the mid part of the game, players will have experience of the Old School Runescape. If you are not into the Old School RuneScape or it’s not fascinating to you, why don’t you head on to download this version?


3. Order & Chaos

3 Orders And Chaos

This game is one that will make you addicted. The game has the environment of the fantasy world of Haradon where jungles, forests, mountains are present. You will join thousands of players and as the hero, you’ll go on adventures and quests. Ensure you get your guild to the top of the multiplayer leaderboard. The game features over 1,500 quests, over 15,000 skills, 5 races, and thousands of pieces of gear to collect. It packs a robust character creation system that allows you to customize avatars. Other features that the game has are community interaction, a PvP mode or solo play.


4. Arcane Legends

4 Arcane Legends scaled

Arcane Legends is not a new game and is known among MMORPG lovers. It is one of the most successful MMPRPGs due to its longevity. The game sets the standard for others to follow. There are three classes and you can make your choice. The classes each have their own set of skills and abilities. The game has features such as PvP modes as well as co-op play and you can enjoy the game with other players. It does not only feature one PvP mode but there are other PvP formats you can choose from. Though there are repetitions in the game, it’s fun overall.


5. Villagers & Heroes

5 Villagers and heroes scaled

Village & Heroes is an excellent alternative to all the other games listed here and if you don’t find any of them interesting, you can go with this one. The gameplay of Villagers & Heroes is more or less like RuneScape but has updated settings that you can liken to Fable. The gameplay has you going on quests, combating enemies, waxing stronger in power and more. There are many new skills and equipment available that you can use to hunt deadly monsters. It also features crafting and side activities if you want to have a life of an NPC.


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