5 Best MMORPGs for (iOS) iPhone and iPad

Best MMORPGS iOs scaled
Best MMORPGS iOs scaled

The iPhone and iPad have been upgraded many times since its first release in 2007. Because of its powerful configuration and rugged hardware, many game developers have built high quality and heavy games for the iOS platform. MMORPGs are one such game and they involve playing in an adventurous world where you go on quests, display your fighting skill and engage in fierce battles.

One of the biggest highlights of this genre of game is its collaborative feature which allows you to connect and interact with several players from all walks of life. If you’re bored of playing those card games and you want some action and adventure, MMORPG is the right game to play. Check out the best MMORPGs for iOS

Best MMORPGs for iOS

  1. Old School RuneScape

1 Old School RuneScape scaled

Among the other MMORPG that can be on your iPhone, Old School RuneScape should be among them. The game has its origin from the MMO that was trending in the late nineties but now with a redesigned UI for mobile devices. The app features a ton of skills such as combat, mining, crafting, fishing, and more. The game has you engaging in quests, exploring an open world, NPCs, and open-world PvP. It is a game is worth downloading coupled with the fun that comes with it.


2. Dawn of Titans

2 Dawns of Titans scaled

Dawn of Titans is an interesting game to play. The game is heavy on eye-catching graphics. Its gameplay is divided into three segments: build up a powerful and large army, eliminate your enemies, and capture territories. Guide your army to win PvP battles having been equipped with powerful weapons and arsenals. Control your troops in the hot battle and get reinforcement from others and become to most powerful and rule the world.


3. Legacy of Destiny

3 Legacy of destiny scaled

Legacy of Destiny is another MMORPG that is among the best. It is an MMORPG with a neoteric marriage and wedding theme. You can get married to someone and join forces with him or her to fight in the open world. There’s the chatting feature to help you communicate with other players and you can help others by sharing items and they can, in turn, help you too. To survive in the game, you’ll need to do daily quests, defeat bosses, and undergo numerous missions. With the offline autoplay system, you’ll find it easy to upgrade and with the free trade system, you can buy things you need or sell to have more earnings.


4. Order & Chaos Online

4 Order Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online is like World of Warcraft and if you know the former well, the latter will sound interesting to you. In Order & Chaos, you are in the fantasy world where you explore, fight with your skills in a competitive multiplayer environment. The game features an advanced character creation system so you can equip your hero and build him to your taste. It is only possible to create as many as five characters to play the game. The game has in it five races which include Elves, Humans fight for Order, Orcs, Undead for Chaos, and the Mendels.


5. Toram Online

5 Toram Online scaled

Enjoy the best of the 3D world as you explore Toram. This MMORPG for iDevices has content that will move you around an adventurous 3D world. With a rating of 4.6 on the App Store and over 6000 players, one can say it is popular indeed. One highlight of the game is that it is completely free. It can allow you to create your own character, and choose your fighting style. You can tweak things to suit your personal taste too. The game also allows you to collaborate with other players to get strengthened for battle.


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