5 Mistakes You Should Never Make In An Automatic Transmission Car

5 Mistakes You Should Never Make In An Automatic Transmission Car

Normally driving a car in an automatic transmission may seems easier than driving a manual car. Automatic cars are simpler and easier to drive because the driver need not to worry about changing the gear and pressing the clutch. This allows drivers to concentrate more on the road better. Even if an automatic car is easier and simpler to drive their are still some ways in which you can mess up your transmission.

Therefore, here are 5 important things you should never do in an automatic transmission

Don’t Shift From Drive To Reverse Or Vise-Versa Before Your Car Stops Moving

If you think its harmless when switching from drive to reverse or reverse to drive before your car stops moving then i am sorry to disappoint you but you are damaging the transmission and its component of the car. When you shift from drive to reverse while your car is still moving then you are using the transmission itself to stop the car and not the breaks. if you constantly shift from drive to reverse when the car stop moving be ready to spend at least $2500 to change the whole transmission of the car compare to just changing the break system.

Never Put Your Car In Park Before It Stops Completely

No matter the situation you are in, never try this. If you have a newer car then it probably wont let you make this mistake because recent models use speed sensors that prevent this action. but if your car doesn’t have this kind of equipment and you have been guilty of putting it in park before the car stops moving then you are doing irreversible damage to your transmission. The park position is meant to keep your car from rolling away and not to stop your car when moving. When you do this it can break the locking pin or output shaft of the car.

Don’t Put Your Car In Neutral When Going Down Hill

Most people believe that putting your car in neutral when going down hill saves them gas, it actually makes sense. allowing gravity to do its work but the truth is cars with automatic transmission are made in such a way is that they save fuel even when the gear is on drive therefore they simply cut the supply of fuel when going down hill. When you put your car on neutral the car engine runs at its lowest RPM and the oil pump works the slowest when you move therefore the engine doesn’t cool down as well as it should and may fail due to friction and heat.

Avoid Keeping The Gas Tank on Low

So many of us are guilty of this, simply because we don’t have money to fill the gas tank or probably for one reason or the other but ignoring the low fuel light may actually cost you much more than just filling your tank up especially when you have an automatic car. For a car to work properly they need to have a proper fluid pressure and also fuel keeps different parts of the car lubricated and helps the engine as well. Therefore, if your tank is constantly low on fluid these parts will wear out much faster than they would normally.

Lastly And The Most Important is Not to Allow Water Get Into The Transmission

If water Get into the transmission then your car is in big trouble, even the smallest amount of water can cause havoc on your car transmission to the point that needs to be replaced. when water enters a transmission it gets absorbed by the friction lining of the clutches which cause the glue that connect the material and the clutches plate to dissolve. Some amount of water comes out of the suspension, forming white gummy masses in different parts of the unit.


Are you guilty of any mistake or do you know of any other driving habit that can cause havoc to your car, then tell us in the comment section.

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