5 New Features to Look Forward to on Apple iOS 14

Apple has been famous among every smartphone user since a long time. People love Apple a lot. It is the most famous smartphone and according to a research the most consumed smart phone is Apple.All of its models that have been out in the market come with incomparable features. The operating systems also include features like no other. This is the reason why Apple users look forward to the amazing features it has to offer. Here are some of the new features that Apple’s iOS 14 is offering. Let us have a look at these features and see how we can enjoy them.

Home screen widgets

Whatever is going on in the apps you can access it simply by swiping right and you come across a stream of information packed widgets. The widgets in iOS 14 are making their way directly to the home screen so you can see what information you have right in front of you. These videos come in three different sizes depending on how much you are willing to devote to a specific app. You might have noticed that the TikTok users have been posting about their fancier home screens. This is all because of the home screen widgets. This new feature means that you have quicker access to necessary information in less time.

App Library

The app library Is an updated feature. You will have a list of apps arranged into handy categories that you recently visited, or you wish. This makes the access quick to the most frequent apps on your iPhone repair. These features mean that you can rely on the app library to find specific applications that you use on our daily basis.

Message mentions

Group chats become messy when there are so many notifications. In order to keep you away from this chaos the @ feature has now been introduced in iOS. This means that the participants can simply mention whoever they want to and the notifications that get customized by mentioning the person you are addressing. As it is very impossible to follow the complete thread so the person can simply touch the mention and read whatever you had to say.

Adaptive lighting

Adaptive lightning is another amazing feature that comes in iOS 14. This means that the phone lets you automatically change the color throughout the day. If you are in bright light, then it will get adjusted automatically to low screen light. Similarly, if you want bright light and use your phone in daylight then the phone will get signals itself. Isn’t it amazing?

Privacy labels in the App Store

This is the most amazing feature that iOS 14 has introduced. Each app in the App Store will have a simplified label which will indicate what kind of data the software will collect from your phone. It is to let you know about the breaches of privacy and apps that are not good for your smartphone and the data you have in it. although it is a controversial update but if it is done correctly it can give the comfort users demand of maintaining their privacy.

Bike directions in maps

Apple users have been requesting cycling directions for a long time. IOS 14 will now provide bike riders the directions they require and let them know what cycle friendly routes are. As normal Maps they will also let the bikers know about a steep Hill if there is any. This is the most enjoyable feature and the people who enjoy cycling or bike riding can avail it as per their convenience.



Apple has been providing comfort to its users for a long time but with the new update in iOS 14 it has become more evident that Apple keeps its customers first. With the redefined operating system, the users will be able to love their devices more and enjoy features as per their demands. Be it students, workers, or corporate experts Apple is a go to device for everyone.

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