5 things you should never leave in your car in hot summer time

5 things you should never leave in your car in hot summer time

When parking in the hot sun, drivers need to keep in mind that there are a number of objects that should not be left in the car at all cost, otherwise they will pose severe threats to the owners as well as the vehicle itself such as fire hazard, explosions or the quality of your health, at the very least.

When cars are left under hot temperatures of 39-40 degrees Celsius or higher, not only the exterior of the paint will fade quicker than usual but almost all other parts of the car will be affected by the sun too. The components affected could be tires, dash panel, air conditioning system, engine, car interior, and many other components.

Especially, according to car experts, parking in the hot sun for so long pose potential risks such as fire hazard. In addition, there are things that if left in a car parked in the sun for too long will be harmful to your health.

Here are six typical things you should not put in your car when it’s hot. Drivers should know this knowledge to maintain and care for cars as well as to protect their safety and health.

1. Plastic bottles

For some fragile plastic such as the disposable raincoats, they can be melted if being placed where the sunlight is focused. For more durable ones such as water bottles, the composition of the plastic could be altered and transformed into a more toxical substance and hence affects the health status of the driver.

a water bottle in a car cabin

Tiny particles of plastic could be broken down by the sun and diluted into your drinking water

2. Electronic device

If the battery is located near the surface of the device and is only covered by a thin plastic sheet, it could be partially melted. Also, the microchip of the device could be damaged due to prolonged exposure to high heat.

a Iphone on a car seat

The microchip and batteries of electronic devices are easy targets of sunlight

3. Cosmetic and drugs

These things are subject to change in temperature, meaning its chemical components could be altered, and not in a good way if being exposed to sunlight.

4. Foods

Needless to say, direct heat from sunlight could affect the rate at which foods spoil. If you’re lucky, it just causes food to develop off-flavors, at worst, photodegradation could change the components in your food toxical.

5. Soda cans and gaslighter

Soda cans are often filled with carbonated liquid. When heated, the carbon dioxide inside the liquid will increase in volume and this can lead to a small explosion inside your car. You can find a more detailed explanation for this phenomenon in this article.

Similar to the soda cans, the gas lighter can explode too. This time with a “minor” difference, the liquid inside gas lighters is actually inflammable!

soda cans in a car cabin

The increase in liquid and air volume inside the can could cause an explosion.

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