5 Tips for capturing your wedding day

The wedding day shoot can be chaotic and stressful, and it often necessitates shooting numerous moments at the same time. The majority of the time, your meticulously planned itinerary does not go as planned. Wedding-day nightmares do happen. How can you focus on unforgettable and emotional moments if you’re distracted by unpredictability on the wedding day?

You’ve probably attended just a few weddings in your life. You’ve witnessed the good, terrible, and ugly. When it comes to your wedding day, there is one important piece of advice: trust your wedding photographer, because he/she is a professional and let them be your guide because he or she has seen it all.

In this post, we’ll show you how to confidently snap any photo you want. Here are the top 5 recommendations for catching and capturing every wedding day event and moment to help you relax and stay focused during the session.

1. Crop your images while they’re still in the camera

Try to avoid saying things like “I’ll crop it tomorrow” or “I’ll edit that out eventually.” You’ll save time later if you get it right on. It is better to do this with someone, that way you both can spot anything that is standing out and remove it.


So, when you’re taking pictures, keep your surroundings, backgrounds, and lighting in mind. If there is anything distracting in the backdrop or in the frame of your snapshot, remove it before snapping the picture. Come closer to your subject or take a different angle that eliminates any interruptions from the picture you want to take.

2. Look for a basic and clean background

Make use of a white background whenever you can! If you have the option of photographing an object against a solid background or one with a lot going on in the background, it’s nearly always best to go with the solid background. The idea for your photography is that the subject stands out in the finished image.

When photographing table decor, for example, pick the one table in the room with the best light as well as the most attractive background, and spend more time photographing the items of that table than the others. Do different angles, try everything, and be relaxed while taking pictures.

3. Stylizing

“Stylizing” refers to enhancing or reorganizing the elements surrounding your photography subject to achieve the exact image you desire. Photograph your details with pieces from the wedding day that fit the general concept of the event. Use the best image to create your wedding poster.

Find a floral ribbon or blossom to go with the ring shot, or use one of the bridesmaids’ outfits in your shoe shot. This is a fantastic way to include the wedding colors while also expressing your personal style. You can find some excellent ideas on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, or even YouTube.

4. Use the colors of the wedding

The wedding colors should be displayed so that the concept is obvious to the spectator.  If the wedding color is light blue, for example, you want to see light blue in as many “detail” shots as possible. Look for features at the location that you can use to merge the wedding theme into the images.

Use an item of furniture from the venue that complements the overall aesthetic, or a near building’s wall that is painted in one of the wedding colors. Get creative, with the end objective in mind of including something from the wedding’s design and mood in each detail shot.

For example, you can get ribbon segments, or pieces of fabric in various colors and textures to ensure you always have something to add to “detail” photos.

5. Keep it simple

It’s a lot of fun to style your images and challenge yourself to add things from the wedding day into them.

However, don’t go overboard and clog up your images! Any additional features in your photo should still enhance the subject you’re photographing rather than compete for your focus.

Almost always, the ideal approach is to photograph single detail at a time. If you try to photograph shoes, rings, jewelry, and the garter all at the same time, none of the elements will get their weight. The couple will see that their extra effort in arranging each and every detail paid off by focusing the image on one or two aspects at a time.

So, in summary, be organized and crop and edit pictures on time to avoid doing it later when you have more work to do. Always be on the lookout for pretty backgrounds that match wedding aesthetics. Stylize everything and don’t overthink this. Use the color that matches everything. And most importantly keep it simple be yourself and have FUN!

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