5 Tricks to Check Original Perfume


It is important to note that there are plenty of fake Perfumes in the market. If you are not aware of how to check original perfume, you may end up buying an inferior fragrance. The following are five of the most common ways to identify whether a product is genuine. Observe the packaging: the packaging should be clean and the label should be stamped with a logo. The bottle should also have a seal of authenticity.


The first trick to identify if a perfume is genuine or not is to smell it. A perfume with a strong and lingering scent is authentic. This is one of the most difficult ways to spot fake perfume. The smell of an original perfume should be complex with a top, middle, and base note. An authentic perfume should switch fragrances from top to bottom without having to change the bottle or container.


Read the brand label carefully. If the print is uneven or misspelled, it may be a fake. Barcode: A perfume should have a barcode at the bottom of its packaging. This is the key to determining the authenticity of the perfume. A similar bottle may have a different barcode. The arrow should be darker in the right-hand corner. An arrow pointing to the right is an indicator of counterfeit perfume.

Period After Opening (PAO):

Original perfume takes a year to produce. Each bottle is inspected to ensure it does not contain any harmful ingredients. The period of use is graphically displayed on the packaging. The letters M stand for months. A twenty-month-old jar of perfume contains 20M. A 30-month-old bottle will have 30M. This means that the fragrance should last for around a year.

The packaging:

Pay attention to the package. A fake perfume will never match the original scent and color of the original. Look for spelling mistakes on the packaging. Many fakes have small spelling mistakes, and they can be hard to detect with the naked eye. An expensive bottle will have a more durable cap. Moreover, an expensive bottle will have an expensive bottle. These five tricks can help you identify fakes and keep original Perfumes at bay.

Check the expiry date. The expiry date is another way to check the authenticity of a Perfume. Make sure that the fragrance is not expired before you open it. Do not spritz it to check its fragrance. It is better to check the expiry date of the perfume before purchasing it. This is the best way to avoid buying a fake. It is the best way to avoid wasting money and time on fake Perfume.

Check the packaging

A fake bottle will never match the original, so you can never be sure if the women perfume is genuine or not. A genuine bottle will have a quality cap, while a fake one will not. A fake cap can be a warning sign for a fake perfume. Do not spritz it. You should smell it in the bottle first before you decide to purchase it. It should have a smell that lasts the day.

The bottle. A genuine bottle will always have a serial number on the bottle. Similarly, a fake bottle will have a serial number on the box. If the serial number is missing, it is a fake. An original bottle will not have a serial number on the box. o The packaging. A counterfeit perfume is usually not made of paperboard. It is packaged in a plastic bag.

o The bottle. Authentic Perfume bottles are transparent, making it easy to determine their authenticity. Those with transparent bottles do not contain any traces of tampering. A fake perfume has a plastic dispenser tube that is longer than the bottle. o The packaging. An authentic perfume bottle has a clear cellophane wrap. The packaging is of superior quality.

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