5 Types Of Electronically Controlled Pressure Regulator

The electronically controlled pressure regulator gained huge popularity in the past few years. The reason for it is that they provide high pressure, extra robustness, and more flexibility as compared to previous technologies similar to it. Proportion air, Parker Lucifer, and Equilibar are companies that produce great quality air pressure valves. In this guidepost, we will mention the type of electronic pressure regulators. 

Five Types of Digital Pressure Regulator:

Below listed are some of the types of digital pressure regulators. 

Proportion Air QB1X Electronic Regulator:

This QB1X electronically controlled pressure regulator, which is specially designed to work in every type of environment. These air pressure control valves can calibrate all air pressure ranges from a full vacuum to 12 bar. In addition to it, another advantage of using the pressure valve is that it can be configured to accept a variety of digital & analog signals. These command signals come with an analog monitor out signal for the acquisition as the standards. 

Parker EPP4 Series Electronic Regulator:

The parker EPP4 series of the electronically controlled pressure regulator is also known as electro-pneumatic pressure regulators. These pressure valves offer precision based on a simple & reliable design. This series of air pressure control valves of high precision is in the closed-loop that promises high accuracy. 

Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor:

The resistance strain gauges are usually used as a secondary element in measuring the air pressure. The strain gauges can be joined together with the bellows & diaphragms to measure the pressure more effectively. The arrangement of strain gauges is mounted in the cantilever spring that operates the pair of opposing the bellow elements. 

Loop Electronic Pressure Regulators:


An electronically controlled pressure regulator offers the feature of 2-Loop control that uses external feedback signals. The approach used here is useful only when the pressure is maintained in a location removed from the EPR. Another approach of its usefulness is where the customer  has a higher pressure transmitter compared to the provided EPR. 

Kelly Pneumatics Digital Pressure Regulators:

When it comes to the patented technology, we will observe that the Kelly pneumatic electronically controlled pressure regulator offers exceptional closed-loop and proportional control over output pressure. The benefit of using an air pressure control valve is that it’s fast response and provides a high resolution. It also offers the feature of repeatability with its excellent linearity that ensures stability, which is required by the process to manage the air pressure. 

How Do Electronic Pressure Regulators Work?

When it comes to the working of the air pressure regulator then, we will see that it works by using the push valve & vent valve for maintaining the outlet pressure of the air at the desired point. The small inner pressure used in the pressure regulator monitors the outgoing pressure. The analog & digital regulators tweak the timing of the regulators for retaining the set point. The pressure valves are usually used for managing the pressure of gas, air, steam, and liquids according to the application.


In this article, we have mentioned the five types of electronically controlled pressure regulators that can manage airflow. The digital air pressure regulators benefit over the mechanical regulator designs. The basic use of a digital pressure regulator is that it controls the pressure & also stabilizes the flow rate. Reading the information mentioned above will help you choose the best electronically controlled pressure regulator.

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