6 Everyday Things That Should Not Be Picked Up From The Ground

6 Everyday Things That Should Not Be Picked Up From The Ground

Beautiful ring, wallet full of money, old coins, or some wireless speakers … We often feel compelled to pick up this find from the ground up. However, you should not do this in any way. It is important to stop yourself and remind yourself that the consequences of your actions can affect your health and well-being.We have provided a handy list of everyday things you shouldn’t pick up off the ground.

1. A wallet, purse or money envelope

Be careful, even if your motives are pure, and plan to give your discovery to the police. In this case, you might fall into an old trick. Once the lost wallet is picked up, a “witness” can appear for half the money you just received, and then the wallet owner can appear and accuse you of theft. For this reason, if you feel that a suspicious person is watching or chasing you, please upload it.

2. Expensive jewelry (ring, earrings, locket)

This trick is as old as time. On the street, you might hear someone in good clothes calling to you and showing you a pretty expensive ring on the floor. By the way, your new ‘friend’ doesn’t want to get the ring, but he’ll be glad if you give him money to help you find it. As a result, she gives them money, and somewhere after that she discovers that the shiny diamond ring was a cheap fake.

3. Earphones or headphones


Needless to say, it would not happen to anyone who found a toothbrush or towel on the street. Did you know that headphones are also part of our personal stuff? Many bacteria accumulate in the foam rubber used in headphones. This is why your newfound device can burn back with the remaining staph or streptococcus infections from the previous owner.

4. Knives and other things that can be used as a weapon

If you do not want any trouble with the police, it is better not to pick up knives that happened to be found on the street. This rule also applies to unusually nice things. First, if you find a rare weapon, you may be deceived in the same scheme as discussed in Figure 2.

Second, the weapon may be part of a bad crime story. Of course, there probably isn’t a light shotgun or sniper rifle on the street, but the knife can be easily removed. The last thing you need is your fingerprints all over the weapon.

5. Portable transmitter / receiver or other communication equipment

If you find something like a walkie-talkie, there is a possibility that you will interfere with law enforcement. A netizens shared a story where he found a face-to-face radio on the air with a message in which he said. His innocent acts were transferred to him and he was convicted of theft.

If you find a walkie-talkie on a ski path, in the subway or in a mall and mall, don’t try to air. It is best to give the device to an employee (concierge, receptionist or security guard). Another option is to call the police and inform them of the location of the device.

6. Look for suspicious metal objects in the areas of military activity

These things can turn into explosive devices. Grenades, shells and mines are frequently found after snow has melted in forests and fields. It happens that gardeners and farmers discover artillery shells on their lands. Those who love to explore banned military units are at risk of serious accidents.

Specialists recommend that you approach, capture or move missiles and missiles. If you see that these things just get away (take your steps back carefully). It is very important to inform the police or army of your discovery.

Bonus: Sim Card

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