6 Innovative Tips To Design Unique Custom Candle Boxes

custom candle boxes

The old-school packaging has bored the people with traditional and local structures. Therefore, there is a need to get some new ideas that can provoke the minds of the viewers. The case of the custom candle boxes is the same, probably. Significantly, the manufacturers need to bring unique, eye-catchy, and alluring designs for the customers. 


But the question is how you can improve the designs of the custom candle boxes? So, here are several tips that can help the manufacturers in making eccentric designs for these custom boxes:

Tip 1: Use Best Quality Material

The best quality material is the most effective way to make your customers satisfied. The buyers usually check the material of the custom candle boxes, whether they are sturdy or not. For fancy and decorative candles, there are two kinds of materials as:

  • Corrugated boards
  • Paper boards

Notably, the corrugated boards are the strongest boxes that keep the candles safe. These boxes not only provide protection but also provide a graceful look to the products. Moreover, the paper boards are highly versatile for the printing process. So, the good quality material has a great impact on the buying choice of the customers. You can get professionally designed options for custom candle boxes from PremiumCustomBoxes.

Tip 2: Add Exclusive Designs

The selection of designs is very much important. A variety of custom candle boxes are available in the market first hand. But the unique and eye-catchy designs can make a solid line to differentiate your boxes from the others. So, the process of designing is the key tool to keep your products exclusive and on other perspectives in the market. 

How To Design Custom Candle Boxes?

You can design these useful boxes by following the below steps:

  • Firstly, make a sketch on the paper.
  • Select the specified shape of the boxes.
  • Measure the size of the boxes, keenly.
  • Select the colors.
  • Place the logos.
  • Further, add typography.
  • Put the design in software.
  • After that, get the print.

The designs keep the identification of the brands and provide a newness, respectively.

Tip 3: Introduce Creative Styles

The industries have also brought a lot of new structures of the products. Therefore, there is a need to produce compatible and different styles of the custom candle boxes for packaging. Specifically, the boxes should hold the candles firmly. And also, these items must be fixed into the boxes. 


Otherwise, if the boxes are bigger, the edges of the candles  can be damaged. Also, if the boxes are smaller, the products will not get enough space for fixation. Here are some creative styles that are compatible for keeping the candles inside:

  • Display boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • Sleeves
  • Mailer boxes
  • Cube boxes 

Tip 4: Keep Shapes Versatile 

Mainly, the candles come in different shapes and sizes. So that the custom candle boxes also need to adopt the styles and shapes that can fix the candles. Additionally, the unique shapes attract the customers because the uniqueness is the key to keep the product different. Moreover, every customer wants to see something new. So, the shape of the boxes is one of the prior features that grab the attention of the viewers.

What Shapes You Can Adopt For Custom Candle Boxes?

Moreover, there are a lot of different shapes that you can adopt for these candles as:

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Circular
  • Cylindrical
  • Horizontal Rectangle
  • Vertical Rectangle
  • Divisions
  • Flip Edge
  • Hand Holdings
  • Pyramidal/Triangular 

Tip 5: Put Additional Insiders:

The decorated candles need some insiders to keep them safe from the external hurdles. During long transport, the candles can get damaged. Therefore, these candles keep them safe and fixed into the custom candle boxes. Moreover, the insiders keep the extra decorative material also to provide a great look to the customers. With such great efficient product packaging, the buyers get surety and buy more products. 

Tip 6: Adopt Incredible Printing Schemes:

The printing process in the manufacturing of custom candle boxes plays the most proficient part. Regardingly, the designs, shaps, sizes, and colors totally depend on the quality process of printing. Therefore, you need to choose the best printing material while manufacturing the custom boxes. This versatile process has several basic steps that you need to follow as:

  • Firstly, you need to choose the material, whether corrugated boards or paper board.
  • Select the shape and cut the boards into selective forms. Notebly, keep the measurements of the sides of the boxes perfect for proper adhesion.
  • Further, pass the boxes through printing machines.
  • Choose the coordinative colors.
  • Moreover, add credentials as Logos, typography, and precautions.
  • Pass the boxes through foiling process, whether golden foil or silver foil
  • Furthermore, add an embossing step.
  • For gloss and more grace, add lamination process.


From the above statements, we can conclude that the custom candle boxes are very essential in decorating the places. The beautiful candles with fresh fragrances can optimistically provoke the minds with great freshness. So, these boxes are beneficial regarding all aspects such as decoration, beauty, and spreading positivity.

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