7 Compelling Reasons to Use SVG’s For Your Website


Yes, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector file format that plays a crucial role in website design today. It is indicated as an XML-based file format that entirely elaborates graphic vectors including lines, boxes, circles, polygons, paths, and text with color, patterns, gradients, opacity, etc. Thus, these days designers use an online PNG to SVG converter to convert PNG raster images to SVG vector files within no time.

Well, if you people are not currently using SVG vector files in your web artwork, here are some compelling reasons why you use this format!

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Text-Based Format:

SVG vector elements packed with text, which work best to improve the accessibility of a website. But the upside about this text is that it is easily indexed by search engines. And, even also a user can be able to find an SVG vector file via Google. So, if you have a PNG image, then simply upload it into an online PNG to SVG converter that lets you convert PNG into SVG without any quality loss.


Bear in mind that the quality of the SVG vector format does not dependent on the resolution. Unlike other images formats or icon fonts, the SVG vector format looks perfectly sharp on all devices with any screen size. Scalability is also indicated as that if you use the same image throughout the site but use different sizes, the best practice is to use a single SVG vector image. There’s no need to create multiple copies of it as in the case of the PNG raster image file. Instead, you simply embed the same image and going to define the size of it directly in SVG code. Also, you could use PNG to SVG converter by theonlineconverter.com if you want to convert PNG to SVG vector images without any manual intervention.

High Performance:

If you prioritize the performance, you ought to stick with the SVG vector format. Also, there’s no need for an HHTP request to load in an image file if you are using an SVG vector file. The upside is that the page loads faster as it has no files to download. Bear in mind that faster loading time translates into better webpage performance and even provides you with a higher search engine ranking. In turn, you will get a better user experience. So, convert PNG to SVG vector file by using PNG to SVG converter online and then use it according to your preferences.

Small File Size:

Bear in mind that the size of simple SVG files is simply defined by the layers, colors, gradients, effects, and masks that it contains. On the other hand, the size of raster images like PNG is entirely defined by the number of pixels that it consists of. Remember that the larger a PNG raster image is, the heavier it gets in size. But when it comes to SVG icons, this is not the case. Also, SVG vector files can be easily optimized. So, account for an online PNG to SVG converter right now to convert multiple PNG images to SVG vector files while preserving the original quality.

Numerous Editing and Animating Opportunities:

Unlike raster image file formats, vector image types can be edited in special vector drawing programs as well as directly in a text editor. Also, you could easily edit the colors or sizes of SVG vector icons directly using CSS. As for animating SVG files, it can be easily done with the assistance of SMIL, WebGL, Web Animations API, or CSS animation. Moreover, if you have a PNG image file or want to retain editing features, then it’s ideal to convert it into an SVG vector by using free PNG to SVG converter online.

Integration with HTML, XHTML, and CSS:

According to W3C, SVG was specifically developed to integrate with and extend other prominent open Web platform technologies, such as X/HTML, CSS, and Javascript”. So, unlike other image format types, SVG could readily be integrated with other documents and technologies. Besides that, you could stick with an online PNG to SVG converter if you aim to save PNG as an SVG vector image format.

W3C Document Object Model Support:

Don’t fret as there is certainly growing community support for SVG vector format. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has claimed that the Internet cannot do without vector image file format. This organization developed the SVG format, and they actively support it nowadays. Moreover, an online PNG to SVG converter helps you in turning PNG into SVG, once converted then you could upload it in design space for Cricut artwork.

There’s no doubt that using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is an easy choice once you consider the advantages they offer. For a client’s work, you people get superb quality on any device.

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