7 Drone Problems You Are Likely to Face


DroneFrom filming movies and protecting animals to delivering packages and measuring weather, drones have quite a few uses. It is also worth noting that these aerial vehicles have become quite commonly used among regular people.



For some, operating a drone is a hobby, and since paying for one is not that expensive, it makes sense to give it a try.



Having said that, you should not expect a smooth ride. More often than not, drone users encounter some problems without knowing what to expect or how to solve them.

Below, you will find a list of 7 common issues that you are likely to face as someone who operates a drone.




Legislation is one worth noting because the idea of unmanned aerial vehicles flying around is still relatively new. Both international and national lawmakers are looking to establish more rules regarding drone operating.


Keep an eye on the latest updates so that you do not end up breaking the law. After all, not knowing the law is not an excuse.


Losing a Drone


Inexperienced operators are likely to lose their drones and not know a way to find them. The difficulty of searching for a lost drone usually comes down to the terrain. If you are in a mountain or a forest, the odds of locating it are smaller than it would be if you were to operate a drone in an open field with no trees and other potential obstacles.


So, what should you do if you struggle to find a drone? Well, drones have a “return home” button, so using that first makes the most sense.


Next, you can check the last recorded coordinates of the drone and narrow your search field. Using a second drone to scan the area is also recommended, as you could get a better view of the area from above.


Finally, if you walk around and meet other people, ask if they have seen a drone nearby. It is quite difficult to miss a flying aerial vehicle, and if someone was passing by, they should give you some valuable information.




Drones require proper maintenance if you want to continue using them. Thankfully, there are service stores that specialize in repairing drones or replacing their parts, but it does not mean that you should rely on service stores.


Taking proper care of the drone also means not having to spend money on repairs and part replacements. As such, make sure to learn to operate your drone, so you do not bump into obstacles and damage the vehicle.


Battery Lifespan


Similar to how you sometimes need to troubleshoot battery problems on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you may also experience the same issue with the drone.


Some drone models are known to have a pretty lackluster battery, and it does not help if the owner neglects to take proper care of it (again, maintenance is important).


Decreased battery life is an issue because once it runs out, you will not be able to operate a drone. Imagine what happens if the battery drops to 0 while the drone is still in the air.


Other than keeping tabs on the percentage and charging it when necessary, you should also:


  • Store the battery in a cool and dry place when not in use
  • Avoid overcharging it for a better overall lifespan


Trespassing and Privacy


As a rule of thumb, you should already know that entering someone’s private area with a drone is against the law. Trespassing will result in problems with the law, and you certainly want to avoid that.


At the same time, you may be using your drone to film videos or take pictures from above. If so, be mindful of other people that could potentially end up in the shot. Unless they give permission to use their face in a video or pictures, you will need to blur them or delete the footage.




Safety should be another concern, particularly early on when you are still learning to operate the drone. Ideally, you should go and practice in a location without other people. The odds of hurting someone with a drone are relatively low, but they are not zero, so why risk it?


Once you become better at using the drone, you can then look to fly it around in areas with people without worrying too much about their safety.


GPS Signal Blocks


Most drones have a built-in GPS system to allow them to return back once the battery is running out or track the drone in case you lose it.



Nevertheless, GPS reception problems can happen, particularly in big, open areas. Unfortunately, it is not something you can really fix yourself, and it is better to use the drone in another location if GPS reception is too poor.

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