7 Important Skills You Need To Succeed As a Project Manager In 2022

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Project management has evolved from a few key principles to a whole body of knowledge. It has become even more sophisticated with each passing day. New methodologies and best practices are industroduced and new approaches are adopted to complete projects before the deadline and inside the budget.


According to a KPMG survey, 70% of organizations have experienced a project failure in the last 12 months. Additionally, 50% of respondents said that their projects failed to consistently hit their targets. Even though most organizations understand the value of project management, they rarely work on hiring the right project managers which leads to project failure.


If you are a project manager or want to become one in future, you need to master certain skills that can help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in learning about the skills you need to master to become a better project manager in 2022 then,  you are at the right place. 


In this article, Anti-Dos will learn about seven important skills you need to succeed as a project manager in 2022.

7 Project Management Skills You Need To Succeed

Here are seven project management skills you need to succeed in 2022.


The pace at which project management is evolving forces project managers to be flexible and adaptable. Without adaptability, you will have a hard time keeping your projects within scope and keeping your time on the right track. To maintain the productivity and morale of your project team, you need to make real time changes according to the situation. Your organization must be resilient enough in order to go through this paradigm shift as it requires a lot of determination and strength to pull it off successfully.

Inclusive Mindset

Remote work trend is not going anywhere, which means that your hiring processes need to adapt accordingly to hire, retain and train project team members. Yes, this might not be a good thing as far as security is concerned as attackers will target remote workers but you need to have protection against distributed denial of service attacks to get over that challenge. 


You need to strive towards creating an inclusive workspace and a culture which is conclusive to remote work towards vps singapore. If you want to deliver the best results, you must have a diverse skillset to stay relevant. Project managers should focus on building trust and boost engagement to get the best out of your project team.


When you have an inclusive mindset, you involve all the stakeholders in the decision making process. This makes them feel valued. Their feedback and input was taken before any decision is taken which goes a long way in fostering trust in your project team. Once you gain the trust of your team, it will be easier for you to overcome tough and complex challenges that will come your way during the project management journey.


Project management is all about change management. The way you manage change and overcome uncertainty determine the success or failure of your projects. If you can make real time changes to your project quickly, you can succeed in today’s rapidly evolving project management landscape. The faster you can anticipate and adapt to changes, the better outcome you can generate. This allows businesses to pivot quickly and make the most of any opportunity that comes their way.

Behavior Project Management

At the end of the day, a project is managed by humans. You need to look at human factors and behavioral methods in order to drive projects to successful completion. Behavioral project management fuses behavioral sciences with principles of project management to create an approach that puts humans over processes and technologies. It also looks at all the processes and phases involved in the project management lifecycle. 

Change Management

Implementing change in an organization is not easy. You need change management experts that can navigate your business through unchartered territory. A project manager can also play that role if they have mastered the art of change management. 


You need to get everyone onboard whether they are key stakeholders or top level executives in order to implement change in your organization especially if you want to implement change at a large scale. You need to create a strategic project plan and communicate it to all their project team members so they know what’s expected of them and what goals they need to achieve in order to achieve project success.

Exceptional Resource Management

One of the main reasons why projects fail is because of poor resource management and utilization. This was the common problem even before the pandemic and is currently persisting to this day. Project managers who know how to get the best out of the resources at hand are the ones that succeed. Why? Because they can meet the deadlines and ensure that the project is completed inside the budget. Yes, you might have to deal with resource shortage issues but if you know how to adapt and overcome these resource shortages, you will surely come out on top. 


Whether you will have to train your employees to wear multiple hats at once or organize trainings to prepare them for the future challenges, this is important in today’s resource strapped workplace. Balance the workload in such a way that no resource is either overworked or underutilized. This will save your employee from work related stress and employee burnout which could force them to think about switching jobs.

Effective Problem Solving

The difference between successful and unsuccessful project managers will usually come down to how effective they are at solving problems. The faster a project manager can find solutions to complex problems, the better it will be for project prospects. Project managers should be able to find the root cause of the problem and develop a strategy to overcome that problem. Additionally, they should also communicate a proposed solution and choose the right methodology to implement it. Lastly, you should be constantly monitoring and tracking your progress so you can make changes in the future for further improvements.


Which project management skills are most important in your opinion? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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