7 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Website Must Have a Blog


Did you know that 77% of internet users read blogs? In fact, 47% of B2B buyers buy 3-5 content pieces before engaging with a sales representative. There is data that even points towards a higher number. The situation is also not that different when it comes to B2C buyers. According to statistics, websites that have a blog attract 55% more website traffic and generate 97% more backlinks. 


Not only that, marketers who put more emphasis on blogging are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI. What’s more, content marketing is 3x more cost-effective for lead generation as compared to paid search. All these data prove the effectiveness of blogging for websites and E-commerce websites are no exception to this rule.


In this article, you will learn about seven reasons why your E-commerce store should have a blog.

Solves Customer Problems

There are a number of reasons why people conduct online searches. Some of them are 


  • Find information
  • Solve a problem
  • Accomplish a task


Simply put, most people performing a search are looking for answers to their questions, even your target customers. Blogging is the best way to deliver those answers to your users. Create content around some of the biggest pain points your target audience is facing and help them find solutions to those problems. This will not only build your credibility, establish trust and cement your place as an expert in your industry. (more on that later in the article).

Bring More Visitors To Your E-commerce Store

As I mentioned before, having a blog can increase your website traffic but that is not where it ends. Search engines like Google also show a lot of love to websites with a blog as they have more indexed pages than websites without a blog. What this means is that your website and content have more opportunities to show up in search results. Every time you publish a new blog post, you open up a door that allows visitors into your E-commerce stores especially if you create SEO-friendly, keyword-optimized content for your blog. In short, the blog will help your e-commerce store to get more eyeballs and attract more visitors to your website.

Buyer Read Before They Buy

Whether you are operating in B2C or B2B space, both types of consumers read many blog posts before making a purchase decision. What’s even more interesting is the fact that these prospects not only read your blogs but also create a product perception based on how the product or service has been described in the blog post. Moreover, people tend to purchase gifts for their loved ones based on what they read in blogs. This clearly shows that massive impact blogging could have on consumers’ buying behavior.

Increases Trust and Credibility

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, 79% of content marketers have used content marketing successfully to create brand awareness. 67% have used it to build credibility and trust. Additionally, it also helped marketers build customer loyalty. Seein its effectiveness as a marketing tool, many content marketers have also increased their content marketing budgets.


It provides a platform where you can share your expertise and knowledge to help your customers solve their problems. When customers look at you as a credible source, they are more willing to do business with you. It also increases trust and brand loyalty as they keep coming back for more. All this can have a positive impact on your sales numbers.

Keeps Your Audience Engaged and Informed

The same report I reference above also shows that 65% uses content marketing to educate their audience. When you have a blog, you can keep your customers informed about your latest offers, product launches, and special discounts. You can also keep your audience engaged by delivering helpful and relevant content. You can also get user feedback and allow them to share ideas through the comment section which can help you uncover useful insights into customer preferences. Due to this, you can run more effective marketing campaigns which are tailored to your customer’s interests.

Opportunity to Explain Products and Services

If you are selling products or services which are difficult to comprehend for your target audience, your sales will stay down. You will have to make your customers understand what your product or services are all about before convincing them to make a purchase. You need to explain how your product or service actually works and more importantly, how it can solve its biggest problems.


Your blog is the best way to do that where you can explain how the products and services you are selling works. Highlight the advantages of your products and services and tell customers in what ways it can help them. You can also include videos and images to make it easier for users to understand and show your product in action. With detailed guides and comparisons, you can tell your customers why your product or service is better than the competition and how they can take full advantage of them.

Strengthen Your Relationship With Customers

Most customers prefer to buy from popular brands and E-commerce stores. Did you know why? Because they trust them. They have built trust by consistently delivering exceptional results. You can win their trust but it won’t happen overnight. You will have to deliver a great user experience, consistent value and fulfill your promises on a consistent basis to be considered trustworthy. You can deliver a great user experience by upgrading to a VPS server from a best cheap vps deal. Blogging can help you increase your search visibility, which will make it easy for them to discover your business online. Once they read your blog or land on your website, you can forge long-lasting relationships with them.. The stronger your relationships are the more trust customers will show in your brand. Moreover, a customer that has a stronger relationship with your brand is less likely to shift to a different brand.


Does your E-commerce store have a blog? If yes, why did you create it in the first place? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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