7 Things Your Phone Can Do That You Never Knew About

7 Things Your Phone Can Do That You Never Knew About

You utilize your cell phone a lot, we’re certain about that, yet you’re most likely simply visiting round the usual applications and similar settings for quite a while. Is it accurate to say that you are mindful of everything your pocketable cell phone is prepared to do? Here are 11 features you may have missed that should come in valuable somewhere down the line.

1) Snap photographs while recording videos

The more eagle eyed among you may have detected this one as of now, however it’s quite simple to snap pictures while you’re recording videos regardless of whether you’re on iOS or Android user. Note the camera shade button just to the side of the primary red video recording button.

You don’t get pictures on a par with those snapped with the primary camera mode, however it tends to be a helpful method to rapidly catch something that is going on without breaking the progression of the video. Open up the default camera application on Android or iOS to give it a shot.

2) Put your phone in crisis or lockdown mode

We hope you never use it, but hold down the side button and volume buttons on a more up to date iPhone to get to an Emergency SOS choice: It incapacitates Face ID and Touch ID, and calls the emergency services (visit Emergency SOS in Settings to know precisely how it functions).

Stock Android doesn’t have this yet, yet you can incapacitate biometric opening in Android 9 Pie. From Settings, pick Security and area, Lock screen preferences and Show lockdown alternative to add it to the menu that shows up when you hit the power button.

3) Use your phone as a level

The level is shrouded away on iOS however once you know where it is, you can utilize it to check the degree of any surface utilizing the sensors in your iPhone or iPad: Open up the Measure application (presently with additional AR enchantment), at that point tap the Level choice at the base.


You don’t get a similar kind of usefulness incorporated with Android, tragically, yet a lot of outsider applications are around to plug the gap. Bubble level (free with advertisements) is extraordinary compared to other we’ve attempted, while Level With Voice (free with promotions) gives discernible just as visual criticism.

4) Read out your texts

You’re not still utilizing your eyes to read your approaching instant messages, are you? Because the smart assistant built in with your telephone can read out your SMSes, among the various jobs it does—this is a stunt that will work with both Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android.

On an iPhone you have to state, “hello Siri, read me my writings” (and you’ll get the choice to answer or have them repeated after every one too). On an Android gadget, you have to state “hello Google, read me my writings” (and again you can have them repeated or answer to them).

5) Restrict others to one application

Here’s the way to hand over your telephone to others unafraid, by locking them to one application. On iOS, from Settings pick General, Accessibility, then Guided Access to empower the feature, and afterward triple-tap the side catch in the application you need to bolt your visitor to.

On Android, ensure Screen spinning is on in the Security and area screen in Settings. Swipe up to see your open applications, at that point tap an application symbol at the top to discover the Pin alternative. On the two iOS and Android, your telephone should be opened again to change to an alternate application.

6) Set custom ringtones and vibrations

This is ideal for knowing immediately whether you have to get your telephone or haul it out of your pocket or not — set up custom ringtones (Android and iOS) or custom vibrations (iOS just) to coordinate explicit contacts, so you know who’s summoning or messaging you right.

On iOS, open up a contact (in Contacts) at that point tap Edit and either Ringtone or Text Tone to make changes. On Android, open up a contact (in Contacts), tap the menu button (three spots, upper right), at that point Set ringtone. To change vibrations, you need an application like this one.

7) Control your extra large flat screen TV

Your phone can double up as a remote for your extra large flat screen TV set, if it has the correct box connected. In the event that you have an Android TV gadget, get Android TV Remote Control on your Android telephone; on the off chance that you have an Apple TV, introduce the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone.

The controls don’t stop there. In case you’re attempting to get a Roku stick working, you can utilize the Roku application for Android or iOS, and there’s an Amazon Fire TV application for Android or iOS too that capacities likewise. These controllers make text input significantly simpler, if nothing else.

I hope you are now aware of some of things your cell phones can do.

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