8 Best TV Shows and Series Based on Technology

Best Tech Movies and TV Shows
Best Tech Movies and TV Shows

Movies are a way to enjoy the weekend or cool off after a stressful day. Movies let you see a different world from the usual and have a glimpse of what happens outside, and this is even more achieved with technology movies. As technology keeps evolving, movies and shows give us a futuristic view of tech and help us see what happens in a technologically inclined environment. Here we’re researched and gotten eight best technological movies and shows you can watch.

Best TV Shows and Series Based on Technology

1. Mr. Robot

1 Mr Robot scaled
1 Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is one movie that has garnered millions of fans, and it is a show that shows an elite hacker. What this elite hacker group does is to employ smartphones, computers coupled with other technologies to break into the secure network. They do this anonymously, and their purpose is to bring down evil organizations. A young programmer called Elliot that works as a cyber-security engineer and a vigilante hacker by night is on the show, and you should check out his security intelligence and that of others in the show.

2. Silicon Valley

2 Silicon Valley
2 Silicon Valley

In the technology genre of movies, Silicon Valley is one you should watch. This show doesn’t only show the running processes of a tech company, and it also feeds you with a dose of humor. The show gives you an insight into what happens in Silicon Valley and also what running a business entails – decision making, the future of technology, and so on. The show comprises of 6 seasons with less than 50 episodes.

3. The IT Crowd

3 IT Crowd
3 IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is a British sitcom created by Graham Linehan. In the film, three main characters are members of the IT team of a company. The senior management regards their opposition to be low and puts their workspace in the basement of the tall office building. Maurice Moss and Roy Trenneman are the computer geeks and are placed under the leadership of Jen Barber, who is a computer illiterate.

4. WestWorld

4 West World
4 West World

WestWorld doesn’t depict the artificial intelligence you know of. In the show, the world is filled with humanoid robots created by humans. These humanoid robots have intelligence equal to or higher than those of humans. It’s innovative, though, but the way these intelligent creations are being used is quite unusual.

5. Person of Interest

5 Person of Interest scaled
5 Person Of Interest

If you’re looking for the best technology-based TV series, then Person of Interest fits this description. You will be thrilled by its humor, twists, and other exciting things. The show has an intelligent programmer as one of its characters who developed an AI to tackle crimes in the city.

6. Halt And Catch Fire

6 Halt And Catch Fire
6 Halt And Catch Fire

You get to have an insight into the 1980 times when the personal computer revolution began. You are taken back to the previous years when there were innovations that went on to change the way the world used computers. The main character shows us the experience of those times as he goes about building innovations.

7. Chuck

7 Chuck
7 Chuck

The popular series Chuck is a show that was on from 2007 to 2013. The show is a young hacker and geek who downloads US Govt secrets into his brain by mistake. The plot has the CIA and NSA agents protecting him and also exploiting him.

8. Almost Human

8 Almost Human
8 Almost Human

This is a futuristic movie where the goal is to fight the increasing crimes. The strategy is to assign similarly-looking robots to cop to help combat the problem. John Kennex, who is a detective, wakes up after being in a coma and gets a robot to help in his chores. He doesn’t like the idea, and the story continues to make an interesting plot.

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