9 Things You Should Avoid If You Want To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

9 Things You Should Avoid If You Want To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

There are many mistakes a lot of people make while charging their smartphones, which makes their phone batteries to be weak and discharge quick. For your phone battery to last very long you need to change some bad habits. You can increase your smartphone’s battery life by avoiding some certain things.

There are some bad habits which weak the longevity of your phone’s battery life. There is no one who doesn’t want a long-lasting battery and for you to achieve that you need to change some phone habits. A lot of us do not stay without our phones and can’t leave the phone to rest for a second.

These are the 9 things you should avoid if you want to increase your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Try to avoid constant charging:

You don’t have to plug your phone when you still have about 30% and above because frequent charging shorten your phone’s battery lifespan. The proper time to plug your phone is when it is around 20% or below. Maybe, when you are constantly charging your phone battery you are gradually weakened your battery.

2. Avoid playing games with your phone while charging:

A lot of people enjoy playing games while charging their smartphones, which is a very bad habit. You have to slow down playing games while charging your phone. The act of charging the phone and playing games drains your phone battery and also lead to overheating, which is not good.

3. Don’t allow your smartphone to charge up to 100%:

Unplug your phone once it reaches 80%. 80% will serve you all through the day and even serve you for the next day, depending on how you make use of your phone. Charging your smartphone up to 100% can make your phone to overheat and also makes your phone battery to be weak.

4. Always charge your phone with original charger:

Many people do charge their smartphones with any charger that comes their way. Avoid recharging your phone battery with chargers that are not original because it affects the battery performance.

Maybe, when you lost your original phone charger and want to get a new one for replacement, always remember to check its current (Ampere) and output voltage (V) in order to get the original charger.

5. Stop charging your smartphone overnight:

Sometimes a lot of people plug their smartphones to charge all through the night, which is a very bad habit because it reduces the longevity of the battery and also make the phone to overheat. Avoid charging your smartphone overnight.

6. Stop using fast chargers:

Most people like using fast charges in order for their phones to charge very quickly, but not knowing that fast charger damages their phone batteries and also result of high temperature because it is in a long run and uses higher voltage.

7. Remove third party apps from your smartphone:

Uninstall third party apps from your phone, you might think that it makes your battery to last longer, but the truth is that it does not work out that way. It even makes your phone to have lots of load and make your smartphone to consume more battery power which makes it to drain your battery.

Maybe, if you have any of those apps remove it.

8. Stop chatting with your smartphone while charging:

A lot of people do chat with their phones while charging it which is not good. Maybe, if you want to charge your phone turn off your mobile data in order not to receive any message, and after you have finished charging you can turn it on and continue.

Chatting and charging your phone makes your smartphone to overheat and drains your phone battery and also make it slow to charge.

9. Don’t charge your smartphone in low electricity current.


Charging your phone with low electrical current will make your phone to charge very slowly and also makes it to charge abnormally. So in order to increase your smartphone’s battery life avoid charging your smartphone with low electricity current.

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