9 Uses Of Candle Or Paraffin Wax Only A Few People Know

9 Uses Of Candle Or Paraffin Wax Only A Few People Know

At the point when you hear “paraffin wax,” the only thing you that comes to your mind is candles. You’re in all probability thinking, “Well, it’s simply wax — nothing excessively fancy.” It may shock you, yet paraffin wax can be utilized from multiple points of view as it’s great for lubrication and insulation, and it tends to be utilized as a restorative treatment.

I’ve chosen a few uses and advantages of paraffin wax to share with you.

1. Save jams

You may have your own garden that produces loads of foods grown from the ground or you may simply lean toward making your own jams. In any case, homemade jams normally have less sugar and no different preservatives compared to the commercial ones and that’s the reason they can turn sour rapidly. The way to forestall it is to seal it so that it’s not presented to air.


i. Only use food grade wax;

ii. Dissolve the wax;

Gradually pour the dissolved wax over your jam and rotate the jar to make sure that the paraffin seals it totally.

2. Seal bottles

In the event that you make your own wine, oil, or something different that you want to store in bottles, you can utilize wax to seal it.


i. Dissolve the wax;

ii. Put some paper tape or sellotape around the neck of the container i.e bottle. This will allow you to break the wax seal and open the jug easily when you have to;

iii. Plunge the jug into the liquefied wax and turn it so the wax covers all of the sides.

3. Lubricate drawers

Wooden bedroom sets look extremely decent. In any case, over the long haul or time, it can turn out to be almost difficult to utilize them because the drawers become sticky. To lubricate the sprinters, simply rub a bar of wax over them.

4. Windows and Wax doors

Windows and doors can get extremely sticky. To keep them opening and shutting easily and to continue sliding doors coasting, run a bar of wax over the tracks and frames.

5. Repair zippers

On the off chance that you have a stuck zipper, a paraffin wax is without a doubt your best arrangement.


i. Clean the zipper;

ii. Delicately rub a bar of wax here and there the zipper;

iii. You may need to repeat this cycle multiple times.

6. Use for snow shovels

In the event that it snows in the area where you live, you probably have to clean the driveways from the snow once in a while. In some cases snow can adhere to the shovels, making this much harder and more tedious. The paraffin wax will assist you with dealing with this disaster.


Simply wax the shovel like a snowboard.

7. Maintain a wood cutting board

Cutting boards are utilized to cut and prepare food and we certainly want them to be easy to clean. That’s the place where a paraffin wax treatment can help.


i. Use food grade wax;

ii. Apply a small quantity of the wax to a clean fabric;

iii. Rub the board, making sure that you cover the whole board;

iv. Allow the wax to be absorbed;

v. Eliminate any wax residue with a neat cloth;

8. Hands treatment

We utilize our hands for everything and they get presented to water, cold, and heat constantly. So it’s no big surprise that the skin on your hands can become dry rapidly and easily. Paraffin wax treatment is great to make it smooth and soft.

Basically plunge your hand into low-temperature softened wax. You may need to repeat this cycle a few times to get a decent coating;

i. Place your hand into a plastic bag;

ii. Put your hand into a fabric glove;

iii. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then tenderly strip the wax off from your hand;

Repeat the cycle with your other hand.

9. Feet treatment

This cycle is fundamentally the same as the hand treatment.

Dunk your feet into low-temperature dissolved wax. You may need to repeat this cycle a few times to get a decent coating;

i. Place your feet into a plastic bag or utilize clear plastic wrap;

ii. Wrap your feet with towels;

Wait for 10-15 minutes and then tenderly strip the wax off from your feet.

Have you learned something new from this article? Let us know in the remarks segment beneath about your involvement in paraffin wax.

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