A Complete Guide to make money with Windows Reseller Hosting



With the booming demand for web hosting services, reselling hosting has also become one of the most profitable web businesses. People with less expertise or different priorities have started working as reseller web hosts instead of building a web hosting business from scratch. If you are also aiming to initiate your reseller hosting business, you need to decide the OS that will operate your hosting plan. 


Here we will provide you the insights into why you must start with a Windows reseller hosting business. And, how it can enable you to obtain substantial benefits in the minimum time. Later in this guide, you will also be introduced to the top-leading hosting company that renders the cheap Windows hosting reseller packages. Let us begin with defining the term ‘Windows reseller hosting.

What is Windows Reseller Hosting? 

Reseller hosting is an opportunity where the parent hosting company grants you permission to resell its hosting services to your customers. The hosting server can have any operating server running in its core. The Windows reseller hosting plan indicates that Windows OS runs at the base of the server. 


You can work in two ways as a reseller of hosting services. First you can resell the raw hosting under your own company or brand name. Second, you can customize the purchased hosting plan into sub-packages and then resell them under your own brand name. 

What are the benefits of Windows Reseller Hosting? 

Here are the significant advantages you will have while beginning your reseller hosting business with Windows. 


  • Microsoft applications compatibility

Windows is owned by Microsoft Corporation. Thus, the windows hosting plans are highly compatible with numerous Microsoft applications, tools, and software. Moreover, you acquire a Plesk control panel that makes it smooth and efficient for you to manage the hosting services you resell to your customers. For users, it becomes way easier to build their website interactive quickly. 


  • Powerful features

The Windows reseller hosting also brings in a broad collection of powerful features. They include advanced security, innovative applications, graphical-user interface, and much more. All these can make any inexperienced user work quite flawlessly with the hosting operations. Moreover, Microsoft further provides reliable end-to-end server management that makes it less intricate to run and manage the hosting plans.  


  • Comprehensive support 

The Windows hosting permits you to operate and work with diverse applications irrespective of the language in which they are written. You can comfortably drive websites based on PHP, PERL scripts, MySQL, and many others. Also, you can run all the applications on the same server effectively while making your tasks more straightforward. On the other side, you can find many powerful applications that cannot function productively with any other OS except Windows. For example, applications such as ASP.NET.

What does the Windows Reseller Package Include? 

You can find that different web hosting providers offer different types of Windows reseller hosting packages. However, you may find that the following are some of the standards things that every ideal Windows reseller hosting plan incorporates –  


  • Desired disk space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Plesk 12 control panels 
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • White label branding
  • Customized account and website management system for clients.
  • Additional hosting features for clients, such as email, cPanel, security tools, and many other 
  • Technical assistance (ordinarily 24/7) from a parent host


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What to do before starting to offer Windows reseller hosting? 

Let us tell you about things you need to consider before you begin to offer Windows reseller hosting plans to the end customers. 

  • Determine the right hosting package for your clients

You must figure out the audience you are targeting. Rather than the level of features and resources, you need to focus on the requirements of your customers. In case you are a web developer, you must have a good idea of the hosting market. However, if you are not, you can study your target market. Furthermore, based on your idea and research, you can offer a range of hosting plans to your customers. So they can opt for the one that suits their needs well. Also, let them have the option to upgrade the plans as their business expands. 

  • Manage your own business development 

It is always a good move to initiate with small steps. This will enable you to acquire time to understand the web hosting market as well as your customer necessities. And at the same time, you will be able to run your reselling business also. With time, you can develop more extensive Windows reseller hosting services as your business establishes its reliable identity. You may further move your services to a dedicated server or cloud platform. 

  • Avoid overselling  

You should not sell too many Windows web hosting plans out of any concern. That is because then the server will find itself unable to cope due to the overburden of workload. Moreover, this also results in the degraded performance of your clients’ websites. The websites can also often face downtime. This will lead to the spoilage of your business integrity. While setting up your reseller business, you should drop at least 30% of disk space unoccupied. This percentage can be saved for the existing customers who might require additional space and resources. 

  • Do not compromise in providing excellent customer service 

You must ensure to have in-house staff comprising people with expertise. Though your parent host company can provide customer support, you need to have it at your end as well. Make sure to provide round-the-clock reliable and excellent customer service to both your potential and existing customers. This will help you to build trust for your business in the industry. 

Who is the best Reseller Windows Hosting Provider in India? 

Let us now make your task further easier by introducing you to the tip-notch reseller hosting service provider – Wise Solution. Wise Solution is counted among the fastest-growing and most renowned web hosting companies in India. It is profoundly known for providing the best Windows reseller hosting at the cheapest rates. The company satisfies the criteria of rendering the ideal Windows reseller hosting packages, including the standard things, as discussed in one of the above sections. However, let us brief here what much more you will acquire with the company’s hosting service – 


  • 100% SSD storage
  • Twenty-times faster speed with Cloudflare CDN
  • Easy data migration services
  • Web Host Management Tool 
  • Free Website Builder
  • Softaculous one-click installer
  • Advanced security features, including end-to-end data encryption, DDoS protection,  and malware scan & protection 
  • 24/7 Technical and customer assistance from the highly qualified and experienced experts
  • 7-Day money-back guarantee
  • 100% site uptime assurance
  • Free Domain and Reseller Hosting Hosting Account
  • Backup security features
  • Free SSL certificate and much more.


Do not miss browsing the Wise Solution’s websites to grab further details about its Windows reseller hosting services and facilities -https://www.wisesolution.in/


To conclude, you may infer that the reseller hosting business with Windows can bring you many advantages and quick profit. It is also because, unlike Linux resellers, there is no swarm of Windows resellers in the industry. Moreover, Windows also equips you to operate content management systems (CMS) more efficiently. Additionally, it also incorporates Linux panels apart from its own. Thus, no doubt you gain high flexibility and convenience with the Windows reseller hosting. That being said, you can reach out to the Wise Solution professionals to sort out your queries or doubts. They are available 24/7 at the forefront to resolve your inquiries and provide more information. 


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