A coprocessor really is a wonderful thing


You might have read the news that the Pixel Watch will use a tired old Samsung chip, but it’s all OK because it also has a coprocessor inside it. That probably left you either confused because those words mean nothing unless you’re a nerd, or shaking your head because you are a nerd and know there’s a lot more to learn about this magic coprocessor.

I don’t know what chip the Pixel Watch is going to use and I have no idea what type of coprocessors will be inside of it (or if there will be more than one), but I do know that having the right coprocessor can make a considerable impact on the way things work. So let’s talk about that.

What is a coprocessor?

Pixel Visual Core

(Image credit: Google)

A coprocessor is a chip that is designed to do one type of thing. It does it very well and very quickly, meaning the main processor it’s bundled with doesn’t have to do any of that stuff. It’s done and the output data is sitting there ready to be collected and used however it needs to be used.


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