A Discussion To Make All Aspects Of Pregnancy Massage Crystal Clear

There is no doubt that the pregnancy period matters a lot for females. But women also face the most discomfort during this period. The happiness which females face with the idea of being a mother is unexplainable. But with this happiness, they need to take better care of themselves. Because the discomforts which they feel are bot good for them. So, they should think about having a massage to get rid of all discomforts. This allows females to enjoy their normal in this period with a lot of comforts. Females have to realize that the comfort of mind and body is extremely important in this condition.

You must abandon the notion that massage therapy is a luxurious treatment. Pregnancy massage of Pregnancy Spa London is for all females. There is no discrimination of class because every female almost faces a similar situation. Believe that massage therapy seems more amazing during pregnancy. For a better idea, take a look at how a pregnancy spa looks like.

How does Pregnancy Massage look Like?

When we use the term “pregnancy massage” it refers to the massage that is done during the pregnancy period. A female should avoid this massage for the first two trimesters. Because it is a very critical period for women and there are bright chances of risking pregnancy. Starting in the third trimester is the optimum time to get a prenatal massage.

Most often the duration of the pregnancy massage is of one hour. Therapists use a specifically designed table for a pregnancy massage. This table is designed to accommodate the belly of a pregnant female. Also, use “bolsters” to position women on a comfortable side. Bolsters refer to the special pillows designed for pregnant females. This is a great source of providing comfort for females during massage therapy.

Possible Outcomes Of The Pregnancy Massage:

We can’t find the bulk of studies that have focused merely on pregnancy massage at Pregnancy Spa London. So, it’s difficult to quote definite outcomes of the pregnancy massage. But according to the studies which are present, the following are tremendous outcomes of pregnancy massage:

  • Reduce the anxiety level of pregnant females.
  • A major effective tool for decreasing back and leg pain.
  • This helps the sleep cycle.
  • Produce a considerable reduction in stress hormone production.
  • Increase the production of happy hormones at a significant level.
  • The body experiences less cortisol production.
  • The overall mood starts getting better.
  • Relieves body pain especially sciatic nerve pain.
  • Makes the immune system better to fight against viruses and tumors.

What Kind Of Techniques Are Safe For Pregnancy Massage?

  • Firm strokes pressing deeply into muscles are a safe deep tissue massage technique. However, not near a pregnant woman’s abdomen.
  • The technique for Swedish massage is long strokes to muscles and focus on joint mobility.
  • Thai massage technique includes tapping on acupressure points that stimulate the body’s natural energy.

The technique that is the real cause of massage benefits is still not defined. It’s necessary to do more research on how different types of manual pressures produce various benefits. The pregnancy massage experts manipulate their techniques according to the changes body is experiencing. If we talk about blood volume, it increases Up to 50% during pregnancy. The legs receive a very low amount of blood. The blood-clotting elements increase in pregnant women naturally during pregnancy.

These kinds of changes increase the risk of blood flow in the lower legs, calves, and inner thighs. So, as precautionary measure experts don’t use deep massage on the legs. They prefer the usage of light strokes on the legs of females. Some kinds of massage should not be applied on the legs of pregnant females:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Depp acupressure massage
  • Thai massage
  • Cross fiber section massage
  • Percussive tapping

The pressure on the abdomen must be very light. If you plan on getting a belly massage. Because some therapists avoid doing massages on the abdomen of pregnant females.

Safety Concerns Of Pregnancy Massage:

Some doctors feel hesitation in allowing pregnancy massage at London Pregnancy Spa. The reason for this is the variance in training among prenatal massage therapists across the country. Also, this kind of massage hasn’t been studied thoroughly with a clinical research method. The biggest controversy is about having massage in the first trimester. Therefore, massage therapists also avoid providing massage in the first trimester. Because of that, there is a potentially high risk of miscarriage. Most therapists argue that massage therapy is not a cause of miscarriage. However, they have no research-based evidence to back up their claims. Due to the risk of miscarriage doctors and therapists mutually don’t recommend massage in the first trimester.

Summing Up!

With precautionary measures, it’s beneficial to have a pregnancy massage at Meridian Spa. The above discussion has made all aspects of pregnancy crystal clear. So, females now become a better decision relevant to massage therapy. Don’t forget that for pregnancy massage the consent of the doctor really matters.



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