All Drivers Should Know These 12 Tips, It’s Very Important

All Drivers Should Know These 12 Tips, It’s Very Important

Many who have driven for a long time know that owning a car is not easy. You’re constantly dealing with a slew of minor issues. You must also consider the protection of your preferred car.

I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for both beginners and experts to make your lives simpler.

12. A minor scratch on the car’s body can be almost fully hidden with nail polish.

Select a nail polish color that suits the car’s colour and apply it to the scratch. Simply buff the scratch to make it smooth after the nail polish has dried.

11. A gap in a window can be repaired with clear nail polish.

If a rock shattered the windshield and left a strong crack, it will only get worse over time. Clear nail polish can be used to fill in these gaps. Apply two or three surfaces to the crack to prevent it from spreading.

10. When you’re about to leave the car for a short period of time, turn the steering wheel.

If you park your car in extreme heat, the steering wheel can quickly become too hot to touch. When leaving the vehicle, turn the wheel 180 degrees to prevent this.

9. Remove the bright Sun.

This is a common trick used by pilots. Take an acrylic sheet and place it on the windshield to avoid being blinded by the sun. Acrylic is quickly adhered to the window thanks to static electricity, and it provides excellent UV protection.

8. A bay leaf can help avoid motion sickness in the vehicle.

Place a bay leaf under your tongue if you’re going on a long road trip and are concerned about getting car sick. It has chemicals in it that calm the abdomen and nervous system.

7. A smart way to store your glasses.

For those that don’t know where to place their glasses in the car, this is a great solution: put them on the sun visor. This way, your glasses won’t fall off if you’re driving on a bumpy lane. You can even keep your parking ticket in there for safekeeping.

6. A lemon will help you stay awake while driving.

Some citrus fruits have the same effect as a cup of coffee. Put a slice of lemon under your tongue if you’re feeling drowsy when driving. This will easily wake you up, but we do not suggest driving when sleepy.

5. Cupholder has been improved.

Place a tiny silicone cupcake case in the cupholder’s rim. This way, all of the garbage would be contained in the case, making cleaning the cupholder much easier.

4. To make parking easier, hang a tennis ball in the garage.

This trick is particularly useful for people who have just recently learned to drive. A tennis ball hanging in the garage will serve as a signal that a wall is approaching. The ball will help you get a better sense of the car’s size, ensuring that you don’t drive much further than required.

3. Examining the oil’s consistency.

The consistency of the oil in the engine can be tested in a unique way.

After 5-10 minutes of heating, switch off the ignition. Release the hood and drop a few drops of oil onto a piece of paper. Place the sheet in a warm location and wait for the oil to dry for 2 hours.

Check the outcome after that:

A. If the spot’s corners are perfectly smooth, there isn’t any water in the oil. The oil is excellent.

B. The oil is too dirty if the center is dark or gray. It’s time to make a move.

C. If metal parts are visible on the paper, this indicates that some internal car components are damaged. You’re using a low-grade gasoline.

D. A brown or light gray circle indicates that some oil particles do not dissolve. It’s time to change the gasoline.

2. Inspecting the consistency of the gas.

Add a drop of gas on a piece of white paper, puff on it, and watch it evaporate. If the paper is completely white at the end of the test, you’re using high-quality gas. There is some kerosene in the gas if there is a greasy spot.

This is how you can search for resin in your gas:

Set a bottle on fire with a drop of gasoline. Check the color of the circles around the drop after it has burned. There is no resin in the gas if they are white. If they’re brown, there’s still enough resin in them to cause significant engine damage.

This is how you can tell if the gas has been contaminated with water:

Fill a clear jar halfway with gas and a small amount of manganese solution. Check the color after a good shake. Water was applied to the gas as the manganese crystals dissolved and the gas turned purple or pink.

1. Car ventilation that is extremely fast.

Activate one of the front doors and one of the curtains. After that, gently open and shut the door on the other (opposite) side of the of the vehicle. This trick aids in the rapid cooling of the vehicle as well as the removal of unwanted odors.

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