Amazing presents for your employees in the 2022 holiday season

Amazing presents for your employees in the 2022 holiday season

Best ideas for gifts for employees that will show them your appreciation and gratitude. Learn how to make affordable yet interesting presents for your employees.

5 Unique Employee Gifts to Show Appreciation in 2022

The year is slowly coming to an end, and we all are happy that we survived this extremely hard and challenging period in the world’s history. If you are an employer, you probably want to show your people that surviving this year together was special for all of you, and their loyalty to your company means a lot.

So at the end of the year, you can throw an employee appreciation day with a little party and drinks. Obviously, you would love to make it even more special with small and affordable gifts for everyone on your team. But what should you give?

Today we prepared a list of easy-to-make yet exciting and unique gifts for your employees that will absolutely cheer them up at the end of this hard year.

Gift Boxes with a twist

Cookies, chocolates, or fancy marzipan candies are all perfect choices for cute little packages for your employees. However, they are too traditional and, frankly, a little bit boring. So just snack gift boxes are not our first choice, right?

To make these boxes better and more exciting, here’s what you can do: make them much funner with Christmas socks, gingerbread house kits, coffee blends, cozy winter kits with teas, and blankets for two. You can even make alcohol gift boxes with nice wine and snacks if your corporate culture allows that.

If you don’t want to give your employees just food (you don’t want to provoke someone’s allergies or go into conflict with personal tastes), you can make gift boxes with riddles,  mini-games, or travel accessories. We assure you your employees will love them!

Branded tech gifts

Have you ever considered customized tech gifts for your employees? Because we bet, they will find them amazing! You can find countless options for great presents in the variety of gadgets on today’s market. Our personal favorites and what we think will be the best are branded earbuds (because who can survive a day without them in this day and age?), cute power banks, custom wireless chargers, etc.

If you want to give your people something truly unorthodox and fun, here’s the idea for an amazingly time-saving gift: a self-stirring mug! Because who has the time for stirring coffee these days! And don’t forget to put your company’s name on it to make this mug even more special!

Feel-good presents

Among all great gift ideas, we find that feel-good presents are one of the best things you can give to your employees. We all know that nobody got the time for themselves, so everything about self-care will surely be appreciated by your employees.

So, we suggest you give your people certificates for yoga classes, dance classes, SPA experience, or massage as appreciation gifts. It will be their chance to make something for themselves, and since it is already paid, it is a double treat!

If you have a tight budget, you can make custom “SPA day at home” kits or hire a masseuse to come to your office once a week for a month and give your employees massages. It is a great affordable alternative!

Remote work presents

In times when remote work is becoming just a normal routine for many, you can use this as your inspiration for employee appreciation gifts. You can create at-home work survival kits consisting of a branded hoodie, office supplies, an acupressure mat, a little plant to put on your desk, etc.

Also, consider gifts that can be used only at home, like a pizza night gift set or make-your-own-sugar-cookies kits. They are fun to do, and you even can make cookies or pizza using these kits via zoom conference to make the bonds between your coworkers even stronger!

Educational programs

Educational gifts are probably not the first thing that will come to your mind as a fantastic present for your coworkers. However, in a modern world, where we have all kinds of masterclasses and courses online, you can find something cool and unique for every single one of your employees.

You can buy something specific like a language course if your company works internationally and your people will find language classes useful. Also, you can purchase something holiday-themed like a make-your-own-Christmas-ornaments course.

But, since we have such great websites like Skillshare or Masterclass, we advise you to purchase Premium access to one of these websites for your employees and give them a chance to choose what they would love to learn about next by themselves.

Doesn’t it sound like something everyone will enjoy? I bet it is!

Make the gift special!

Even if you can’t think about any great gift, all ideas seem dumb, and you really consider sticking with traditional chocolate boxes, we offer you to still add a little bit of uniqueness to it and add a video appreciation letter for your employees!

Write or Google a scenario, create it using appreciation thank you quotes, and shoot it in front of Christmas decorations. Next, send the letter via email or through messengers, but before we advise you to compress it with MP4 compressors to make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy your message on every possible device.

You know how they’re saying: it is better to be safe than sorry!

In conclusion

Showing your gratitude towards the employees is a great thing to do to make them feel special and needed in your company. Even if you have a really small business and only a couple of employees, your little gifts will show them how much you appreciate their impact, and it will definitely motivate them to work better, harder, faster, stronger.

Don’t be afraid to be creative, because in this case, your attention and desire to give something special to your employees this holiday season is what really counts!


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