Android Central’s Best of 2020 Awards


Caseology has been a consistent case maker we’ve trusted with our phones for years, but in 2020 Caseology took two steps to help solidify it as the best case maker of the year. Firstly, while other case makers have been trimming back on which phones they make cases for, Caseology had great cases ready and available for phones like the Pixel 4a, OnePlus 8/8Pro, and Galaxy S20 FE on or before release day. Additionally, while companies like OtterBox, Speck and Spigen were curbing color options and leaving us stuck with boring old black for most case models, Caseology doubled down on color, instead giving us rich burgundies, deep teals, and a Purple Pixel 4a case that was absolutely to die for.

Runner-up — Moment


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