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Do you ever wonder what happens to Applications that you don’t use for a long time? These, in general, remain in a pause state that is interrupted every so often to check notifications or execute it for some task. Google is now preparing a new function so that applications that you do not use for a while hibernen. It is a new state in which the Applications and in which the user does not have much control: it will be the system that determines this state. And yes, it is expected to arrive for Android 12 shortly.

Hibernate applications will improve performance and autonomy

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This new state in which the applications may be will prevent them from consuming resources until the user uses them again. To enter hibernate mode an application must not be used for a while and the system detects that its use in the background is not necessary. Of course, it is too early to know exactly how the process works and its different parameters. That is, we do not know when an application will be considered to hibernate.

That an application that you do not use opens every so often to check notifications consumes resources of your device. It’s not much, but multiplied by dozens of apps several times a day it could be more than you think. This hibernation will cause many applications to stop, so it is consume fewer resources, thus improving autonomy and performance slightly.

Not everything is good with application hibernate mode

That an application freezes and does not consume resources means that it will not be able to review notifications or carry out the processes that it used to do. This can cause certain notifications do not arrive or that some processes that were previously transparent to you are not carried out on your device.

This hibernation mode has only just begun, so more details will be discovered as the development of Android 12. If all goes well, the first betas of the next Google operating system should begin before the end of the first quarter of 2021.


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