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Ah  animal coloring pages ! It’s beautiful ! If you also like animal drawings, raise your hand.

In this coloring book, you will be delighted because you will find the drawings of all your favorite animals. Yes, yes, all your favorite animals.

You love cats ? Choose from the coloring pages of cats to print.

You like dogs ? Use yourself in the coloring pages of cute little dogs.

Do you like horses? So print a horse coloring page and color it with your more colored pencils.

Download more coloring pages for your children at DDC123: Disegni da colorare e stampare

Animal coloring pages are free

All  animal designs  are free. You can download the images and print them as many times as you want.

You can make coloring books for  farm animals,  for example.

Or you can make yourself a  wild animal coloring book  if you prefer felines, elephants and other wild animals.

Or you can print all the baby animals to make a super cute sketchbook.

How to print an animal coloring page?

Pandas, ducks, fish, dogs, kittens, and all animals are printable.

To do this, all you have to do is choose from all the  animal images  and click on the one you like.

The coloring is displayed in large size and below it, just click on the print button to print the coloring on your printer.

You just have to color it with your markers, your colored pencils or with your grease pencils. The choice is yours !

How to download an animal coloring page?

If you want to  download an animal drawing  to use it later or to share it with your friends, you can do so.

Choose the animal image of your choice and click on it to display it in a larger size.

Below the animal you have chosen, click the “Download” button to save the drawing on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Now you can use the coloring however you like.

Download here: disegni da colorare e stampare animali

How to save your favorite coloring pages online?

Can’t make up your mind because all the animal coloring pages are cute and too beautiful?

No worries, you can save them to find them later on your account.

Have you noticed the little heart-shaped icon under each drawing?

Click on it to save your animal coloring page to your favorites. Repeat this action as many times as you want to add a coloring page to your favorites.

Your favorite animal drawings are now safe. You will find them on the site. No more searching.

You can download and print the Animal coloring pages in german at: Ausmalbilder Tiere

What are the favorite animals of children?

Do you know the answer to this question?

Here is the list of favorite animals for children:

  • The dolphin: the dolphin is a mammal that lives in the sea. It is said that dolphins are very intelligent animals.
  • The Butterfly: Butterflies are very colorful and attract the attention of all children and adults. Who hasn’t gone butterfly hunting?
  • The clown fish: it is a small colorful fish that we find in the Nemo cartoon. The clown fish lives in an anemone.
  • The penguin: the penguin is a black and white animal. He lives in fresh and cold waters. The penguin is a formidable fisherman.
  • The frog: before being a frog it was a tadpole. Amazing how this turns out. Not all frogs are green. Some are very colorful. They are found in the four corners of the world.
  • The panda: the panda is a big teddy bear that makes you want to cuddle. Unfortunately, it is an animal that is on the verge of extinction.
  • The pony: it’s such a cute animal. All children love to take a pony ride.
  • The turtle: there are turtles that live on land and others live in the sea. Some are giant.
  • The snail: because of children’s songs this incredible animal is very popular with children.

Are you looking for  coloring animals in mandalas ? In this case, I invite you to visit the mandalas coloring section  which is on our site.

If you can’t find the animal you’re looking for, then I advise you to go for a ride on  Hugo the Snail . It has lots of animal coloring pages and you will be able to find what you are looking for. Or you can also use a magic coloring that will make you have a wonderful time.


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