Apex Legends’ Is Heading to Mobile iOS and Android

Apex Legends' Is Heading to Mobile iOS and Android

Apex Legends’ Is Heading to Mobile iOS and Android.

EA‘s free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends, which has been experiencing phenomenal popularity is now becoming even more accessible as it will soon be playable on mobile iOS and Android devices.

Respawn Entertainment announced the game is currently being redesigned for touchscreen controls. And yes, this version will also be free to play, though players can choose to give their characters an extra boost by purchasing in-game items. While the game has been made for smartphones, the controls and features remain almost entirely the same. The only difference is that players won’t be able to cross-play with other versions of the game. Additionally, Apex Legends Mobile will also offer its own Battle Passes and cosmetic items.

No dates for Apex Legends Mobile have been announced, except that players can expect to see a small beta test this spring.


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