Apple rectifies: it will include chargers again to not look like Xiaomi

Today December 28th Apple has written a press release talking about the issue of chargers and the decisions of its direct competition. After making the iPhone case smaller and not including the charger, some companies like Xiaomi and Samsung have decided to do the same. The Xiaomi thing is already official, as the company itself communicated it on its social networks. Now Apple, after seeing that Xiaomi follows in his wake, he wants to return to normality. Has announced that will include chargers again in your device boxes.

Apple is willing to include up to two chargers

It seems that in Cupertino it has been very bad for other companies to follow in their footsteps and they have made a radical decision: to return to include chargers in the boxes of their terminals. The trend in the mobile industry often revolves around Apple and their decisions, but this they are not willing to tolerate.

Apple has said that only they can earn money by removing the charger from their boxes. Xiaomi has not commented on the matter, but it seems that it will be left alone before the users with the decision of the charger.

Starting tomorrow, all the iPhone you buy will include, again, a charger, even in some countries it could come with two chargers. Apple has decided not look like any other company and wants to include a double charger to differentiate itself from the rest. With this decision the iphone case now it will be 2 times bigger than the previous one and only 13 iPhones will fit on the shipping pallets.

Xiaomi wants to rectify, but it is too late

Xiaomi thought that its users would be like Apple’s and would swallow any decision made by the company, even not including a vital accessory for device use. They just realized that no.

Xiaomi can no longer rectify and re-include chargers on the Xiaomi Mi 11, because they have spent that money on infographics for the presentation of the terminal very similar to those used by Apple.

It is a dramatic turn that no one expected and that arrives just on the day that the Xiaomi Mi 11 is presented.


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