Apple Reopens All 270 U.S. Stores for the First Time in a Year

Apple Reopens All Its U.S. Stores Since 1 Year Apple Store Texas Tim Cook iPhone

Apple Reopens All 270 U.S. Stores for the First Time in a Year

As of March 1, 2021, all Apple stores within the U.S. have officially reopened. this is often roughly fortnight before the primary store closures in 2020 when the pandemic began last March.

Apple confirmed to The Verge that each one 270 of its retail locations within the U.S. are now open in some capacity, accommodating either online order pickup or in-store shopping. Nearly a year ago, CEO Tim Cook announced Apple would close all its retail locations outside of China. However, thanks to the widespread outbreak throughout the U.S. all stores subsequently pack up indefinitely so far .

The tech giant’s move to reopen all its stores signals the company’s confidence in its restriction on in-store shopping also because the safety measures it’s put in situ . Apple stores have mandated face masks to all or any visitors and enacted a limited occupancy rule.

Though Apple had begun its official reopening strategy last summer within the U.S., the corporate has shown willingness to reply and suits the constantly changing conditions when necessary. Back in December 2020, it pack up every store in California and London thanks to the surge just in case numbers over the vacations . Just last month, it temporarily closed each of its Apple stores within the U.K.

It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will got to reclose its stores again, should the amount of cases still rise.

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