Be Warned: These 7 Mistakes Are Slowly Damaging Your Phone

I love our little smart devices as much as anyone else, and we truly need them to live long and be useful in our everyday lives. Here are some things you’ll want to avoid in order to have just that.

1. Leaving it on the window or table to overheat 

Truly, even daylight through a window can cause your phone to overheat. While your gadget won’t change noticeably, overheating hits hard on the phone’s battery and efficiency — it can even damage the framework’s chip.

2. Plugging it in carelessly 

Have you at any point ended up plugging your phone in aimlessly before sleeping, sticking the USB plug into it carelessly and with power? All things considered, that cuts the lifespan of your charger short. Electrical contacts are far more fragile than we perceive them to be.

3. Not updating the software and firmware when prompted by the phone itself 

The hardware fills in as the “body” of your phone, and the product that fills in as its cerebrum and soul. Downloading programming from untrustworthy sources can make the phone malfunction, shut down, or can result in the entirety of your personal data to be moved to an obscure individual.


4. Holding your phone in your hand on the street

Actually, 40% of stolen iPhones a year ago were stolen while their owner had them out on the street while talking on it by means of speakerphone. It is completely necessary for you to be cautious and use a headset to talk when you’re on a jam-packed road.

5. Putting it in a bag without a cover

The cover isn’t just a fashion articulation, but it truly protects your phone from being loaded down with earth and particles that amass at the bottom of your pack. The entirety of this, blended in with the internal parts of your phone, will cause the gadget to overheat and can make it malfunction.

6. Replacing the original battery with a cheap fake one 

The phone battery is the “heart” of the phone — it is its engine. Carefully check what sort of battery the administration will place in if you take your phone to get repaired — if it’s not the original piece of the hardware, the lifespan of your phone will be abbreviated significantly.

7. Leaving it in a back pocket 

Remember how the iPhone 6 release was spoiled by phones twisting in the back pockets of their proprietors? This can happen to any thin smartphone. But notwithstanding that, keeping your phone in your back pocket hoists its chance being stolen and damaged while you are visiting the powder room or essentially plunking down.

Which one of these faulty actions are you most likely to do?

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