Bentley’s 2021 Continental GT Speed Delivers Power and Grace

2021 Bentley Continental GT Speed Performance Model Luxury British Coupe Super Sports Car Drive Power W12 Comfort Top Speed Price

Bentley’s 2021 Continental GT Speed Delivers Power and Grace.

The Bentley Continental GT first released in 2003, and ever since the model has become an indicator for British engineering, performance, and luxury. Now, the heritage marque has announced its 2021 GT Speed, which brings a light amount of visual tweaks but an entire load of latest performance stats.

Delivering 650 BHP and 900 Nm of torque from its signature W12 TSI engine, the 2021 model is without-fail the foremost capable Continental GT so far . When the third-generation car was introduced in 2019, pundits were impressed with the 0-60 MPH time of three .9 seconds — now, Bentley do i better, making its 2021 offering achieve an equivalent sprint in only 3.5 seconds. The car will top out at a whopping 208 MPH, which is sort of incredible for a land yacht that weighs over two tonnes.

All of this power is harnessed by a replacement and highly-advanced chassis that features all-wheel steering, an electronic rear differential, and a number of latest electronic stability controls that each one close to form for unrivaled comfort. Carbon-ceramic brakes are put in situ for better stopping power, while the outside features a small tweak to form it all feel more muscular.

The Continental GT Speed now sports 22” Speed rims, also as various elements during a new “Dark Tint” finish, which reworks the grille , radiator matrix, and lower bumper grille. Rounding out the New Look are more sculpted sports sills and discreet Speed badging in chrome on the front fender.

Take a glance at the 2021 Bentley Continental GT Speed inside-and-out above, and determine more on Bentley’s website.

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