Best controllers for Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android 2022


When it comes to playing games via Microsoft’s beta game streaming service, once known as Project xCloud, you’ll need a a phone up to the task. There are also many titles to choose from, and in terms of controllers, there are plenty out there that will do the trick. These are our picks for the best controllers around.

The best compatible controllers for Xbox Game Pass on Android 

You have plenty of options for finding the best controllers for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass on Android is a big deal for cloud gaming, and we’re pretty excited about it. However, as well as picking one of the best phones for game streaming, one of Microsoft’s key requirements to play Xbox Game Pass games on your device is that you’ll need an external controller, since not every game supports a touch input layer. The list is growing, with over 100 Xbox Cloud Gaming titles that support touch controls, but a controller is still the ideal experience.


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