Best Oculus Quest 2 face covers 2022


The Oculus Quest 2’s absorbent foam pads will become sweat-stained and dirtier the longer you use them. Worse, the foam causes skin irritation, to the point that Oculus recalled the Quest 2 and is offering a replacement silicone cover. While you can get that for free, alternative third-party covers made of leather, silicone, or other more comfortable materials are easier to clean and have better venting to prevent lens fogging. Starting with our personal favorite, the KIWI Design Facial Interface, here are the best Quest 2 face covers when it comes to coziness and cleanliness.

The best Oculus Quest 2 face covers

Kiwi Quest 2 interface no cover

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

KIWI Design Facial Interface for Oculus Quest 2

Best overall

Reasons to buy


Minimizes lens fogging


More vents than rivals


Easy to remove pads for cleaning


Comfortable PU leather material

Reasons to avoid

Minor light bleed can be distracting

One of the biggest Oculus Quest 2 issues is excess lens fogging. The basic facial interface traps your heat and sweat inside the headset, which inevitably fogs up your POV — especially when playing active games or exercise apps. Thankfully, several third-party replacement covers include vents to allow more air circulation, which daily VR users will find incredibly useful.


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