Best places to buy and sell plots in Karachi

Best places to buy and sell plots in Karachi
Best places to buy and sell plots in Karachi

Karachi, often known as the “City of Lights,” is well-known for its growing real estate market. Houses, flats, and plots can be found in abundance in various locations. Due to the city’s ongoing growth in population and attractiveness, the property market in Karachi has seen considerable changes in recent decades, particularly the introduction of numerous new residential projects.  Since most of these projects are new, you’ll find many places to buy and sell plots in Karachi.

In case you’re looking for a place to buy and sell plots in Karachi, can help you narrow down your search to the top five areas in the city. Plots for sale in Karachi is readily available on

Bahria Town, Karachi

Bahria Town, Karachi tops the list of the most popular areas for buying and selling residential plots in Karachi. However, the upscale real estate project is still under construction. It comprises many fields available for sale. Plot sizes of 125, 250, and 500 square yards are preferred mainly by people looking for property investment in Bahria Town.

A 125 square yard plot of sale in Bahria Town Karachi can cost between 11 lakh and one crore. A 500 square yard plot is another popular property type in Bahria Town that starts at 25 lakh, increasing to 2.95 crore.

Scheme 33, Karachi

Many plots are up for sale in Scheme 33 in different housing societies such as Lawyers Colony, Gulshan-e-Azeem, and Meerut Society. 120, 240, and 600 square yard residential plots for sale in scheme 33 Karachi remain the most popular sizes when buying property in Scheme 33.

Since the area is vast, a plot in Scheme 33 measuring 120 square yards starts from 5.5 lakh and goes as high as 1.8 crores. Since Scheme 33 is a vast area comprising several housing societies, the difference in the price ranges exists. Prices of plots of the same size mainly depend on the location. A 240 square yard residential plot in this locality is somewhere between 20 lakh and 3 crores. The price of a 600 square yard plot in scheme 33 Karachi starts at 60 lakh and goes all the way up to 6.25 crore.

DHA, Karachi

Defence Karachi is the city’s most affluent and prestigious housing society. It is a vast, well-planned neighbourhood that is eight distinct phases. Due to the ever-increasing real estate rates in the neighbourhood, many people consider purchasing a plot in DHA Karachi a good investment opportunity. Because of the modern infrastructure, clean road network, green belts, good recreational amenities, high-quality medical facilities, sophisticated clubs, and top educational institutions, investors are interested in purchasing plots in Defence Karachi. Residential plots of 20, 500, and 1000 square yard plots are readily available in DHA Karachi.

A 120 square yard residential plots for sale in  DHA Karachi can cost around 2 crores to 4 crores. The range can further increase a 500 square yard residential plot to 3 crores to 10 crores. A 1000 square yard of land in DHA Karachi has a price starting at 7 crores, going as high as 18.5 crores.

Nazimabad, Karachi

Nazimabad – a mark of pride is one of Karachi’s most promising new housing developments, with new homes being built rapidly. It provides a modern way of life, a friendly atmosphere, and first-rate infrastructure. This project has a lot to offer its customers, including a beautiful location, moderate rates, and high-quality construction.

120, 160, 240, and 400 square yards residential plots for sale in Nazimabad Karachi can cost around 1.23 crore to 6.5 crores with a well-developed master plan ensuring ideal community living. Every residential block has its commercial area, masjid, and parks within its boundary wall with a security check post.

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