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The quality of the best streaming devices has recently grown drastically, as one tech company after another has launched new streaming dongles with superlative specs and shockingly low prices. Devices like the Chromecast with Google TV have shifted consumers’ expectations, with Google proving that Dolby streaming and innovative AI tech doesn’t need to cost you a ton of money. With so many fresh and affordable streaming devices to choose from, we’re breaking down which fits your needs best.

These are the best devices for streaming

Chromecast With Google TV

(Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)
Best for built-in Google Assistant

Reasons to buy


Casting + Google TV streaming


Supports 4K HDR10+ for cheap


Works with Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos


AI-generated show recommendations


Compact design with multiple color options


Built-in Google Assistant in remote control

Reasons to avoid

Doesn’t play nice with iOS / Apple TV

No Stadia support at launch

No fast forward/rewind buttons on remote

When Chromecast dongles could only cast content from your devices to the TV, many people reserved one HDMI slot for their Chromecast and another for a traditional streaming stick. Now, Chromecast with Google TV bundles both casting and Google TV streaming into one cheap dongle that will serve the needs of most streaming addicts.


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