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iPhones offer an excellent means to send and receive messages. These phones have a built-in messaging platform called iMessage. This plat is designed and owned by Apple Inc. an iPhone owner is able to sync messages across all iOS-powered devices. These include the Mac OS. It is amazing because with the iMessage platform, it is possible to start a conversation on the iPhone, and later continue that same conversation on another iOS device. This free messaging system provides excellent options to people who have had good experiences using messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

Imessage On Pc
Imessage On Pc

In this article, I will outline ways to get iMessage on PC 2020 Edition. Not only that, but I will also explain how you can get access to iMessage on Mac PC. Ideas such as Remote Access, Jailbreak the iPhone, and using an Emulator, will also be explained below. We will start with three main ways to get iMessage on your PC 2020 Edition.

  1. Get iMessage on your PC 2020 Edition: Use Remote Access

This one of the simplest ways to get it done. Use remote access. This works on your Linux or Windows PC. Make use of Chrome’s Remote Desktop features to get this done. This the best way to connect your PC to your Apple computer. You can get started by downloading the Chrome remote desktop extension download on your PC. After that, you can connect the PC and Apple computer together. Next, take note of the following steps outlined below.

Remote Access
Remote Access

  • To use remote access, download and install the Chrome browser and the Chrome remote desktop on your computer. The computer maybe Linux or Windows, and also Mac PC. Once installed, run the applications.
  • Next, download the Chrome remote desktop installer on your computer and Mac by clicking on the “Enable Remote Connection” icon. Once it is downloaded, install it on the computer.
  • Next, connect your Windows and Mac PC through the Chrome remote desktop security code. That’s all you need to do to start enjoying the services of iMessage on a Windows PC.
  1. Get iMessage on your PC 2020 Edition: Jailbreak Your iPhone

Iphone Jailbreak
Iphone Jailbreak

This is another method you can use to enjoy iMessage service functional on your Windows PC. To jailbreak your iPhone, you need to install the Cydia app. This app is commonly used to jailbreak devices like iPod Touch and iPhone. Be careful if you must use this method because once you do, you have lost warranty privileges on your iPhone. If you resolve to go further to jailbreak your iPhone, fine. Let’s continue. Follow the steps below.

  • Download and install Cydia


Do that on your iPhone. It is a simple step. Note that this app is used as a directory of apps on jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Cydia app on your device, find the app called Remote Messages at the cost of $4. Find it in the directory of apps in Cydia. The app IP address ends with “333”. Once you did that, set up a password for security purposes. If you don’t care whatever, skip this step.

Open a browser and enter the IP address provided, add the server port number provided. Then, you must log in, download, and start using iMessage on your Windows or Linux PC.

  1. Get iMessage on your PC 2020 Edition: Use an Emulator


This step is important if you don’t have a Mac PC but you want to view iMessage on your Windows PC. The first thing you need to do is download an iOS emulator on your Windows PC. Since these days, a vast majority of the latest computers are enhanced to emulate other PCs, it is easy to make use of the emulator to create a virtual iOS community in the Linux or Windows PC.

App Store On The Pc
App Store On The Pc

It enables easy access to the functionalities on Apple’s iOS. Take care, for some of these emulators, bring malware on your computer, and they create security troubles. Check to find the safest emulator as I don’t want to recommend any to you. Check out APP.IO, SmartFace, and Mobione Studio. Remember, I recommend none of these to you. Use at your discretion.

Take the following steps religiously:

  • Download the emulator on your PC
  • Run the emulator software
  • Read terms and conditions carefully, then click the “accept” icon
  • Launch it once you have completed the installation process
  • Next, search for the iMessage icon on the emulator interface. Download it on your PC
  • Once downloaded, the iMessage software is ready for use as a messaging app

Imessage History On Your Windows Pc
Imessage History On Your Windows Pc

  1. How to access iMessage history on your Windows PC

Now, let’s go further in getting the information on how to access iMessage history on your Windows PC. This method is only possible through the use of a third-party tool. It is called the Free iPhone data recovery tool.

This tool allows you to view your iMessage history and also recover the deleted iMessage from your iPad or iPhone. It is good to have a back-up in case you may need to access old information. If not, no problem. The tool linked to above is workable only on the iPhone 11 edition and up. It also works for iOS 13. Check out the steps below. They are simple and easy to follow.

Imessage History
iMessage History

  • Download the Free iPhone data recovery tool on your Windows PC. Install and launch it there
  • On the interface, you’ll see messages and message attachments on the data types enlisted. Select it and click on the “next” icon
  • Now, connect the device with the PC via a USB cable. Wait for the program to scan the iMessages on it
  • Once the scanning is completed, you will have access to your deleted and existing iMessage information. The feature allows you to preview them and select those you really need
  • Next, click on the “recover” icon to export the desired messages selected, and you can download them on your PC. The formats available are the CSV or the HTML format.
  1. How to access iMessage on your Mac PC

Access Imessage On Your Mac Pc
Access Imessage On Your Mac Pc

The following examines how you can get your iMessage on Mac PC if you want to get there from your iPhone. The steps are also easy.

  • To start, go to the search bar on your Mac PC. Type “Message” and click to search. There is an iMessage app on the PC. Once you make this search, it pops up
  • If it doesn’t pop up, check the OS version of the Mac PC
  • If the OS is less than 10.8, you need to perform software updates on the Mac PC. Once you have the latest update, the iMessage app will be included. Start again by searching for it.
  • You can also visit the App store on the PC. From there you can download the iMessage app and continue
  • Once installed, open the software and navigate to the interface. Fill your Apple ID credentials that you use for your iPhone
  • Navigate to the iMessage interface and see all message threads on the iMessage platform
  • Get an excellent Wi-Fi connection to get easy synchronization of messages done
  • Once data is synchronized, you have unlimited access to the iMessage on your Mac PC

Imessage Is A Common Feature That Apple Customers Enjoy
Imessage Is A Common Feature That Apple Customers Enjoy


iMessage is a common feature that Apple customers enjoy. This tutorial shows that those making use of Windows PC can also have access to the messaging system. Your goal could be that you don’t lose sight of any message wherever you may be. Try any of the methods outlined above. They actually work.

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