Best USB-C cables for Android Auto 2022


Finding the best Android Auto USB-C cables means looking for a few specific qualities. The cable needs to be able to withstand bends, sudden removals, spills, and so much more. If you’re encountering a lot of Android Auto bugs recently, it could be that you need a replacement; or maybe you just want a backup cable for a long road trip. Regardless, we have found some of the best USB-C cables that you can get for Android Auto.

Get road-trip-ready with the best USB-C cables for Android Auto

What are the best Android Auto USB-C cables?

There is a growing list of cars that support Android Auto. It can be tough to pick the perfect cable that will perform the best while keeping your phone securely plugged in. However, the best Android Auto option we have found is the Anker Nylon USB-C to USB-C cable, thanks to its ultra-rugged design, which is rated to last six times longer than the competition. Plus, Anker offers a lifetime warranty on its cable if something happens and you need a replacement.


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