Best USB-C hub for Chromecast with Google TV 2022


The Chromecast with Google TV is a great little streaming box, but it only has one port on it: a single USB-C port through which the device is powered. If you want to add extra storage to the internal 8GB or you want to add Ethernet for faster speeds and fewer buffering issues, you’ll need to get a USB-C hub that offers up a plethora of ports and pass-through charging to ensure your Chromecast with Google TV has the power it needs, too.

The best USB-C Hubs for your Chromecast

Not all USB-C hubs are created equal

Chromecast With Google TV Aukey USB C Hub

(Image credit: Android Central)

I’d love to tell you that you can dig out your Chromebook’s USB-C hub and just plug it into your Chromecast with Google TV. In fact, our favorite Chromebook hub, the Aukey Link PD Pro, works fabulously with either one. Unfortunately, the reality is that not every USB-C hub is compatible, and that compatibility is also impacted by what you’re using to power your Google TV setup.


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