Best Wear OS devices with a heart rate monitor


When it comes to health tracking, many people will choose fitness brands like Fitbit, Garmin, or Amazon Halo. But these brands very clearly prioritize fitness tools, price, and battery at the expense of actual smartwatch features. You don’t have to accept a compromised experience; we’ve collected the best Wear OS watches with heart rate monitoring that give you the best of both worlds, from reliable health sensors to useful Android smartwatch tools.

Combine health and utility with the best Wear OS watches with a heart rate monitor

Tell more than just time with your watch

There you have it, folks — a collection of all the best Wear OS watches that come equipped with a heart rate sensor. But there are a few we recommend above the rest, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. They offer more health data than nearly any other smartwatch on the market. As we noted in our Galaxy Watch 4 review, we found the heart rate monitor accurate and were impressed with the level of data Samsung provides with its Body Composition test — though anyone who has struggled with weight loss could find so much data overwhelming or demoralizing, so be careful.


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