Can WhatsApp read your messages after applying the new privacy policy?

The change in WhatsApp privacy policy is going around the world for its controversy. Most users find it outrageous that the company now shares the entire information with Facebook and with the companies he owns. We have already explained what the new policy what should you accept if you want keep using WhatsApp, but there are things that were overlooked. Now WhatsApp has issued a statement to clarify what it does and does not know about users with the new policy of WhatsApp privacy.

No, WhatsApp cannot read your messages or listen to your calls

The Internet is very big and some media in many countries are talking about the new policy without asking too much. You should not only keep that WhatsApp will now share the information with Facebook, but also with what kind of information. The company, after thousands of articles and news, has made it clear that private messages remain private.

The new policy WhatsApp does not have access to messages that you share with individual chats or groups and neither to the voice or video calls you make. These conversations remain private and at no time are they shared with Facebook or used by the company itself. This is what they say, what happens, few really know.

WhatsApp makes it clear, the new privacy policy does not affect your messages and you can be calm. Of course, this does not prevent some of your information from being shared with Facebook and the companies it owns. It is still a disastrous decision and does not protect the privacy of users at all.

Definitely, WhatsApp does not have access to your private conversations, but yes to the location data, device model, IP address, IMEI, data about your language, battery level, etc.

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