Can You Use Walmart Gift Cards Anywhere?


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Can you use Walmart gift cards anywhere? Walmart gift cards are designed for use at Walmart stores or specific online platforms.

Can you use Walmart gift cards anywhere

Unless there is a restriction, according to Walmart, you can get Walmart gift cards at any Walmart store or Sam’s Club in the United States or Puerto Rico or online at You can also use your Walmart gift card at selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations.

Meanwhile, your Walmart gift card does not expire but make sure you do not lose it to another person who may make purchases with it.

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Can You Use Walmart Gift Cards Anywhere?

Walmart stores and online

You can use Walmart gift cards in selected stores and online but not at all stores. For online, you can use a Walmart gift card via,, and

Selected gas stations

A Walmart gas station (if you find any) also accepts Walmart gift cards.

Walmart gift cards are also accepted at Sam’s Club gas stations and in the Sam’s Club store. However, you will be charged a 10% surcharge on your purchase if you are a non-member.

Movie streaming

A Walmart gift card allows you to stream movies. You can stream Vudu movies with a Walmart gift card.

In summary, Walmart gift cards are accepted at Walmart stores, Murphy USA gas stations, Sam’s Club stores, Sam’s Club gas stations,,, and

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You can use your Walmart gift card online and offline

Your Walmart gift card works both online and at selected stores. When you save your Walmart plastic gift card to your account, it does not stop you from using the gift card at offline stores. The gift card is still valid in the United States Puerto Rico for your Walmart and Sam’s Clubs.

In this case, your Walmart gift card works both online and offline.

Checking your Walmart gift card balance

Walmart gift card purchase restrictions

You can view your Walmart gift card balance online or call 1-888-537-5503. However, you will not get the correct balance, you only get an estimated balance (according to Walmart).

If you use your Walmart gift card to make a purchase online or at stores, the balance may not reflect immediately. This means that checking the balance may return an incorrect balance. Nonetheless, the balance can be updated faster sometimes.

Make sure you check your Walmart gift card transaction history for information on the transactions you make on your Walmart gift card. Do not use any website that claims to give accurate Walmart balance, you could be compromising your gift card.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in learning about a credit card scam known as Walmart carding.

Selling or exchanging Walmart gift card

Generally, it is illegal to sell or exchange a Walmart gift card. If Walmart detects such activities, they can prevent the gift card from being redeemable.

It is illegal to exchange a Walmart gift card for cash. It is not also returnable or refundable, so when you purchase a Walmart gift card, you use it on any supported Walmart service. According to Walmart, this should only happen if permitted by the law.

You cannot also use a Walmart gift card for promotions of any kind.

What if your Walmart gift card is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately, if your Walmart gift card us lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced. Wal-Mart Stores Arkansas, LLC and USA, LLC will not also be liable for your lost or stolen Walmart gift card.

Another person can use your Walmart gift card without your permission through your account if they have your password, so you want to be careful. Your stolen gift card can even be loaded without payment. If someone uses your Walmart gift card, Walmart is not responsible and will not issue a new gift card to you.

This is because there is no way for Walmart to tell if you or another party used the card. Moreover, the person has used up the value of the card which is not reversible.

How to quickly use your Walmart gift card

First, save your Walmart gift card information. When you save your Walmart gift card information, it becomes available for you to select without entering the gift card number and PIN when making a purchase.

If you save your Walmart Gift Card information to your account, it does not redeem its value. This means that you are responsible for redeeming your Walmart gift card value. You can also check the balance of a Walmart gift card you save to your account.

There is no consolidation for a new Walmart gift card

You cannot consolidate or combine multiple Walmart Gift Cards to buy a new Walmart gift card. This is because does not combine or consolidate multiple gift cards into one gift card.


Can I use a Walmart gift card at Target?

You cannot use a Walmart gift card at Target. Like Walmart, Target also has its gift card and that can only be used for Target products and services.

Can Walmart gift card be used at gas station?

You can use a Walmart gift card at selected gas stations, including Walmart gas stations, Murphy’s U.S.A, and even Sam’s Club. At Sam’s Club, you will pay a 10% unless you are a member.

Does Murphy USA accept Walmart gift cards?

Murphy USA accepts Walmart gift cards. You can pay at a Murphy USA station with your Walmart gift card. However, Murphy Express stations do not accept Walmart gift cards, you will not also get the discount.

Final thoughts

As you can see, your Walmart gift card works with Walmart and Walmart associated products and services, including Walmart, Sam’s Club and Murphy gas.

However, you can use a Walmart credit card at any store but a credit card is not a gift card. A Walmart gift card is designed for Walmart products and services. You cannot also legally exchange it for cash.

Nonetheless, some third-party websites allow you to sell your Walmart gift card or exchange it for another gift card such as Amazon gift card, Target gift card, etc.

In essence, do not buy a Walmart gift card if you want use it on non-Walmart products and services. Also, make sure you safe-keep your Walmart gift card and online account, another person can use it.



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